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Powerful compact PLC: FP-Sigma

  • Powerful compact PLC: FP-Sigma

Last date for ordering: September 30, 2021

The FP-Sigma features the very latest control technology and a compact structural design. It is able to communicate with all major factory automation products. Of course you can program the FP-Sigma using our FPWIN Pro software (conforming to IEC 61131-3), and it is compatible with all Panasonic controllers.

Other highlights:

  • Large program memory (32k commands)
  • Large data memory (32k words)
  • Efficient motion control functions
    - 50kHz fast counter input
    - 100kHz pulse output
    - convenient positioning commands
  • Fastest processing time, 0.32µs/basic command
  • Real-time clock
  • Compact design (W 30 x H 90 x D 60mm)
  • Top communication performance thanks to 3 possible serial interfaces on the CPU
  • MODBUS RTU Master/Slave standard in all CPUs


PLC type FPG-C24R2H-A
Number of inputs 16 16 16
Number of outputs 8 relay 12 transistor PNP 16 transistor NPN
Output capacity 2A 4x0.5A and 8x0.3A 4x0.3A and 12x0.1A
Digital I/Os (max.) 376 (192 / 184) 380 (192 / 188) 384 (192 / 192)
Analogue I/Os (max.) 40 inputs / 28 outputs
Processing speed 0.32µs/step (basic instruction)
Memory type Flash-ROM
Programme capacity 32000 steps
Data register 32765 words (expandable to 1024k words)
Special functions  
Potentiometer (Volume) input 2 points, resolution: 10 bits (0 to 1000)
(for CT32T2, C24R2, and C28P2 only)
Thermistor input 2 points, resolution: 10 bits (0 to 1000)
(for CT32T2TM, C24R2TM, and C28P2TM only)
High-speed counter 1-phase: 1 ch: 50kHz / 2 ch: 30kHz / 3 or 4 ch: 20kHz
2-phase: 1 ch: 20kHz / 2 ch: 15kHz
Pulse output - 1 channel: max. 100kHz (x 1)
2 channels: max. 60kHz (x 2)
Serial interfaces Up to 3 serial interfaces
Real-time clock Available
Operating voltage range 24V DC (±10%)

Communication cassettes

The use of a communication cassette provides up to 3 serial communication ports in one FP-Sigma unit (RS232 or RS485). No additional space is required for the expansion cassettes: you just plug them into the CPU.


Product number Specifications
FPG-COM1-A 1-channel, 5-wire RS232C
FPG-COM2-A 2-channel, 3-wire RS232C
FPG-COM3-A 1-channel RS485
FPG-COM4-A 1-channel RS485 + 1 channel, 3-wire RS232C

Serial Data Unit

The serial data expansion unit is equipped with 3 channels for RS485 communication. Up to two serial data units can be connected to the FP-Sigma CPU.

Part number Built-in function
AFPG951T34 3-channel RS485 (insulated)

Free download of modbus library

Expansion units

FP-Sigma can use FP0 expansion units on the right side. FP-Sigma expansion units can be added to the left side.

Digital I/O expansion unit

Part number FPG-XY64D2P-A FPG-XY64D2T-A
Input 32
Output 32
Output type Transistor, PNP,
Transistor, NPN,
Connection MIL, 2 x 40 pins

Memory expansion unit FPG-EM1

  • One unit can store up to 256k words of data.
  • Up to 4 units can be added to the CPU, enabling up to 1024k words of data to be stored.
  • Backup battery ensures that the stored data will be available for a long time.



Positioning units

  • For system integrated 1- and 2-axis path control. Maximum 4Mpps command ensures high-speed and high-accuracy positioning.
  • Fast startup of 0.005ms makes tact time reduction possible.
  • Feedback pulse count function makes outpulse pulse counting possible for encoders, etc.
  • JOG positioning control supports a wide range of applications.
  • 4 types of S-curve acceleration/deceleration control makes smooth startup and stopping possible.


Product number Specifications
FPG-PP11 Transistor output, 1 axis
FPG-PP21 Transistor output, 2 axes
FPG-PP12 Line driver output, 1 axis
FPG-PP22 Line driver output, 2 axes

Positioning units RTEX

  • For highly accurate control of network servers with an ultra-compact PLC.
  • Great reduction in wiring costs with the use of commercial LAN cable.
  • Includes manual pulser input, allowing support for precision teaching.
  • Total support from configuration and startup through to monitoring with the dedicated software tool Configurator PM


Product number Specifications
FPG-PN2AN 2 axes positioning unit RTEX
FPG-PN4AN 4 axes positioning unit RTEX
FPG-PN8AN 8 axes positioning unit RTEX

Fieldbus Slave Units

Powerful, compact, modular and high performance fieldbus slave units (FSU) can be used together with FP-Sigma series PLCs.
You can download slave data and convenient, ready-made function libraries free of charge.
Fieldbus slave units are available for PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and Profinet IO. Others are planned for the future.


FP-Sigma Fieldbus Slave Units
Name Specifications Part no.
Slave Unit
FP-Sigma DeviceNet Slave Unit DeviceNet FPG-DEV-S
FP-Sigma CANopen Slave Unit CANopen FPG-CAN-S
FP-Sigma Profinet IO Device Unit Profinet IO FPG-PRT-S

Fieldbus Master Units for PROFIBUS DP, CANopen and DeviceNet

The expansion Fieldbus Master Units (FMU) allow you to integrate FP-Sigma PLCs as Master into your network with a maximum degree of flexibility. The units are available for three bus systems: PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen.
For each network type, ready-made function libraries are available for the programming software Control FPWIN Pro. These libraries drastically shorten the time needed to develop your applications, and consequently save valuable human resource costs.

Product downloads