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MINAS A6 servo motors

  • MINAS A6 servo motors: “Faster, more compact, more precise”.


  • 50W to 1500W, 1-phase 200V
  • 50W to 5000W, 3-phase 200V
  • Low, middle, high-inertia

Even more compact design

Thanks to the split core structure and a new housing, we have been able to reduce not only the length by 30%, but also the weight by up to 10%.

High-resolution 23-bit encoder – can be used as an absolute or incremental rotary encoder

The 20-bit MINAS A5 encoder (1048576 pulses per revolution = ppr) has been upgraded to 23 bit (8388608 ppr).

Only one type of encoder for increment and absolute (Reduces number of models by half).

Available with two different seals (single/triple-lip)

An oil seal with triple lip has just been developed. It is ideally suited for protection against ingress of dust and oil in poor ambient environments.

IP67 degree of protection

Features enhanced durability in harsh industrial environments. The MINAS A5’s improved motor seals, the direct-mount connectors in the motor power supply, and the encoder input-output areas are contributing factors to this unit’s IP67 degree of protection.

Figure:  Direct-mount connector

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