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PLC Software Control FPWIN Pro

  • PLC Software Control FPWIN Pro
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Control FPWIN Pro

is the Panasonic programming software developed according to the international standard IEC 61131-3 (for Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7). This new version is a result of experience gained over many years. We were one of the first PLC manufacturers to offer an IEC 61131-3 programming software, and we are a leading member of the international organisation PLCopen.

The most important FPWIN Pro highlights at a glance:

  • One software for all FP Series PLCs
  • 5 programming languages (instruction list, ladder diagram, function block diagram, sequential function chart, structured text)
  • Well structured navigator provides effective overview of programming organizaton units (POUs), tasks, system registers, etc., simplifying project management
  • Reuse of ready made functions and function blocks saves time for programming and debugging
  • Programming, service, monitoring and diagnostics via RS232 (COM), Modem, Ethernet, USB
  • Forced ON/OFF of input and output contacts via the PC
  • Extensive comments - online documentation created hand in hand with the program
  • The name of variables, functions, function blocks and comments can be written in all languages thanks to Unicode
  • Improved programming comfort: snap function, automatic placement of newly inserted elements, existing connection retained while moving elements
  • Keyboard-control mode can accelerate programming
  • 8 languages are supported: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese
  • Real-time clock on the PLC can be set in the Software
  • All IEC functions support the FP7
  • New communication and pointer functions
  • New family of overloaded and type-safe instructions for 32-bit type PLCs (FP7) and 16-bit type PLCs
  • SD card instructions 




Control FPWIN Pro ordering data

Product Order Number
Control FPWIN Pro 7 programming software,
full version for all FP-series PLCs (including FP7)
Upgrades Control FPWIN Pro versions lower than Ver. 7 to Control FPWIN Pro programming software,
full version for all FP-series PLCs (including FP7)


Ready-made Libraries Order Number
User library modem communication for dial-up and leased-line (analog, GSM) with MEWTOCOL for FP-Sigma, FP-Sigma SDU, FP-X, FP0R, and FP2SH (COM port/MCU), incl. German online help and examples MODEM3-LIB
User library GSM/SMS - function blocks for communication via SMS (incl. German online help and examples) NCLCCMSLIB
User library GPRS – function blocks for GPRS communication (incl. German online help, examples and basic projects for GPRS link manager) TB-GPRS
User library ODP - Software functions for a GPRS ODP connection to ACRON, for COM1/COM2/FP2-MCU, ( incl. German online help and examples) TB-ODP
User library SEAB-1F - Software functions to communicate to AEG-telecontrol (master, slave), leased-line with FP PLCs for COM1/COM2/FP-Sigma SDU/FP2-MCU, (incl. German online help and examples) TB-SEAB-1F
User library timelib – function blocks for IEC-compliant time computation and summer/winter time change (incl. German online help and examples) TB-TIMELIB
User library MoP – function blocks for time slot technique and multipoint connection (incl. German onlinehelp and examples) TB-MOP
User library 3964R – function blocks for 3964R/RK512 procedure (incl. German online help and examples) TB-3964R
User library ACRON – function blocks ACRON / ACRON connect ( incl. German online help and examples) TB-ACRON
User library Modbus - function blocks for Modbus communication, for COM1/COM2/FP-Sigma SDU/FP2-MCU, (incl. German online help and samples) NCL-MODBUS-LIBD
User library MBUS - M-Bus master software functions for communication via COM1/COM2/FP-Sigma SDU/FP2-MCU, (incl. German online help and examples) TB-MBUS
User library AS511 – function blocks for AS511- protocol for FP-Sigma/FP-X (incl. German online help and examples) TB-AS511
User library PTC - function blocks for process and temperature control (incl. Engl. online help) NCLPTCLIBDM
User library SYMKEYS – flow chart symbols and keys library for GT- and GN touch panel (incl. PLC programs and samples, documented in German and English) TB-SYMKEYS
Many other ready-made libraries including Master/Slave of Profibus/ DeviceNet/CANopen function blocks can be downloaded from log-in area.

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