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Trade Fairs

23.-26.01.2018 Nortec Factory Automation Hamburg
24.-25.01.2018 all about automation Factory Automation Hamburg
08.02.2018 Building Services Forum         PIR Sensors London
27.-28.02.2018 AUTeL Factory Automation Fellbach
07.-08.03.2018 all about automation Factory Automation Friedrichshafen
20.-21.03.2018 Amper All products Brno
22.03.2018 Lab Automation All products Rapperswil
10.-12.04.2018 Stom-Laser Laser marker Kielce
18.-20.04.2018 A&T Factory Automation Torino
08.-10.05.2018 Hispack Factory Automation Barcelona
22.-24.05.2018 SPS/IPC/DRIVES Factory Automation Parma
15.-17.05.2018 the Battery Show Components Hannover
05.-07.06.2018 Lasys Laser marker Stuttgart
06.-07.06.2018 all about automation Factory Automation Essen
05.-08.06.2018 ITM-Poland Laser marker Poznan
19.-22.06.2018 Automatica Factory Automation Munich
20.-22.06.2018 EM Power Factory Automation Munich
04.-05.07.2018 Manufacturing & Engineering North East Factory Automation Newcastle
28.-30.08.2018 SINDEX Factory Automation Bern
12.-13.09.2018 all about automation Factory Automation Leipzig
12.-13.09.2018 Cenex LCV Components Millbrook
26.09.2018 Forum Meccatronica Factory Automation Torino
26.09.2018 Anwenderkongress Maschinensicherheit Factory Automation Würzburg
08.-11-10.2018 Motek Factory Automation Stuttgart
16.-20.10.2018 Fakuma Laser marker Friedrichshafen
17.-18.10.2018 Electronics Design Show Components Ricoh Arena, Coventry
17.-19.10.2018 Accadueo Factory Automation Bologna
17.-19.10.2018 Automotive Expo Laser marker Budapest
01.-05.10.2018 MSV Factory Automation Brno
13.-16.11.2018 electronica Components Munich
14.-15.11.2018 Luxlive Components ExCeL, London
27.-29.11.2018 SPS/IPC/DRIVES Factory Automation Nuremberg