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Active Optical Connector (AOC)

  • Active Optical Connector (AOC)

Active Optical Connector (AOC)

The V series achieves a high-speed optical fiber connection in electronic devices by using an electric connector. High-speed bi-directional data transmission is made easy with the Active Optical Connector due to its noise reduction and electrical isolation capability. The Active Optical Connector is optimally suited for all environments where electromagnetic interferences are prevalent but electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) needs to be assured.

High-speed optical transmission by electrical connector

  • Electro-optic conversion structure inside the plug
  • Bi-directional high-speed and wideband data transmission
  • Excellent noise reduction and electrical isolation
  • Easy mounting with connector
  • Suitable for installation in small devices thanks to its compact design


Channel Bi-direction, 1ch
Fiber length 50mm, 300mm, 1m
Transmission rate 20Mbps to 6Gbps (max. 10Gbps)
Supply voltage 3.3V DC
Power consumption max. 230mW
Operating temperature 0 to 70°C


Electrical connector with built-in electro-optic converter


Typical applications

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Medical equipment

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Measuring equipment

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Imaging processing instruments

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