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Biomedical / Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation includes processes such as high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, automated clinical and analytical testing, diagnostics, large-scale biorepositories, and many others. These processes would not exist without an important progress in laboratory automation. Improving health care treatment like diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy requires more and more automation process equipment. Laboratory robotics assure the automatic handling of specimens, for example for mixing or incubation. However, automatic handling requires the fast and reliable detection of specimens.

Panasonic provides technologies based on high speed and contactless object detection to increase productivity, reduce lab cycles, and enable experimentation that otherwise would be impossible. To increase the speed for conducting millions of chemical, genetic, or pharmacological tests Panasonic is the right partner.

Electrostatic charge also plays a role when it comes to handling very small quantities of specimens because the weight of the electrostatic charge has a higher percentage of the total weight. Here Panasonic responds with a large range of industrial ionizers for various applications.

The key factors that speak for Panasonic are:

  • Long-term availability of products
  • High quality of products and services as required in the biomedical sector
  • Well established and experienced in this sector
  • Customized and standard products available
  • Industry-specific development


Laboratory testing and conveyance devices

Laboratory testing and conveyance devices  

In biomedical diagnostics, various applications have to be solved. Please see an overview of successfully solved applications here.

Machine for laboratory testing and clinical diagnostics

Machine for laboratory testing and clinical diagnostics  

See successfully solved applications in the high-end area of laboratory testing equipment, for example tube rack detection, air bubble detection or static electricity removal.