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CN-L High-current latching relay

CN-L High-current latching relay

The latching type CN-L relay has been developed to conduct the complete power requirements in a vehicle. This relay can be used to disconnect the battery to cut the power off in case of a short circuit, as a main relay for Li-ion battery protection or as a switch for dual power supply. It has been designed especially for automotive applications and features a high shock and vibration resistance.

Modern vehicle topologies increasingly use dual battery systems to support features like sailing mode or fast recuperation. In order to protect such dual battery systems, latching-type relays are a highly interesting solution, especially considering the power consumption. The CN-L relay is a reliable solution for 12V battery systems. As electromechanical relays can handle high currents, short-time overloads and offer galvanic isolation they are cut out to perform these tasks and offer additional safety in the event of a crash or fire.

The latching type CN-L relay is designed for a continuous current of 150A and an overload of 1500A for 0.5 seconds. This makes it universally suitable for different on-board electrical system topologies and applications. The relay weight is approx. 150g and can be integrated directly under the hood because of its closed design.

Technical features:

  • Contact arrangement 1 Form A (normally open contact)
  • 2-coil latching type
  • 150A continuous current (85°C) or 80A (125°C), respectively
  • Short-time overload of 1500A for 0.5 seconds
  • Overcurrent (>2000A) trip function
  • Ambient temperature range -40°C to 125°C
  • Degree of protection IP54