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EX-L200 laser sensor

  • EX-L200 laser sensor

The world’s smallest laser sensor with a built-in amplifier

EX-L200 laser sensors are made to detect minute objects with utmost accuracy. Despite its miniature size, the thru-beam type (EX-L211x) can detect minute objects with a diameter of just 0.3mm, and the spot reflective type EX-L221x can even detect gold wire whose diameter is a mere 0.01mm. To facilitate solving application tasks, the sensors come equipped with a potentiometer and two indicator LEDs. For the thru-beam type, reflective material on the receiver allows you to visualize the laser beam, easing beam-axis alignment.


  • Miniature design
  • Response time only 0.5ms
  • Visible red laser diode
  • Sensitivity adjuster
  • Available as thru-beam, retroreflective and spot reflective types
  • Line spot type
  • IP67 degree of protection
  • 2 indicator LEDs


  • Sensor mounting bracket


Type Thru-beam type sensor Retroreflective type sensor Spot reflective type
Minute object sensing Long sensing range Long sensing range Spot reflective Convergent reflective spot Convergent reflective line spot
Part no. NPN output EX-L211 EX-L212 EX-L291 EX-L221 EX-L261 EX-L262
PNP output EX-L211P EX-L212P EX-L291P EX-L221P EX-L261P EX-L262P
Sensing range 1m 3m 4m 45 to 300mm 20 to 50mm 20 to 70mm
Emission spot size 6x4mm at 1m 8x5.5mm at 1m 6x4mm at 1m Ø 1mm (at 300mm) Ø 1mm at 50mm (convergent point: 22mm) 1x5mm at 50mm (convergent point: 22mm)
Object to be sensed Ø 2mm (opaque) Ø 3mm (opaque) Ø 25mm (opaque, transparent) Ø 0.01mm (gold wire) --
Hysteresis -- max. 20%
Supply voltage 12 to 24V DC ±10 %
Output PNP / NPN open-collector transistor, max. 50mA
Response time 0.5ms or less
Emitting element Red laser diode, 655nm (class 1)
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC)
Ambient temp. -10 to +55°C
Material Enclosure: PBT, front cover: acrylic; lenses: glass
Connection method Cable 2m
Dimensions (HxWxD) 25.9x 8.2x12mm 29.9x8.2x13mm 29.9x8.2x13.5mm
Weight (net, approx.) receiver and emitter: 40g each approx. 45g
Accessories Mounting plates MS-EXL2-2 2 pcs. Reflector RF330, mounting plate MS-EX-L2-3 1 pc. Mounting plate MS-EX-L2-3 1 pc. Mounting plate MS-EX-L2-3 1 pc. Mounting plate MS-EX-L2-3 1 pc.

Typical applications

Product Feature

Confirming arrival of substrate

Product Feature

Detecting tip of very
thin pipe

Product Feature

Detecting ICs that are out of position in multiple palettes

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