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Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH Pfaffenhofen

For more than 40 years, Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH Pfaffenhofen has been manufacturing miniature, industrial, and special relays which meet the highest technical requirements. In 1974, the MS-Relais GmbH was founded in Pfaffenhofen on the river Ilm (Upper Bavaria) as a joint venture between Matsushita Electric Works Ltd. (MEW), Japan and Matsushita's European partner SDS Relais GmbH. In 1995, the MS-Relais GmbH merged with what had by then become the headquarters of distribution and development in Europe. The new company name was EURO-Matsushita Electric Works AG. In order to be able to make production even more efficient and flexible, a subsidiary factory was built in Planá, Czech Republic.
The merger of MEW and MEI (Matsushita Electric Industrial Ltd., Japan) led to a globalization of the brand strategy, so that by and by the old brand logo "NAiS" disappeared. Since October 2004 all newly introduced products are marked with "Panasonic" or "M" instead of "NAiS". Since June 2013 our company name is Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe (PIDEU) GmbH Pfaffenhofen.

The production of electromechanical precision relays started with the highly successful R relays, the first generation of Telekom relay. Up to this day it is one of the best-selling relays in the world. 1978 saw the introduction of the universal S relay, which quickly became a global bestseller as well. Over the course of the years, the product range expanded considerably. Today, relays from the DSP, DE series and the many variants of safety relays (SF) with the revolutionary double contacts as well as PF relays are the pillars of our economic success. 2012 the safety relay family was enlarged by the new developed and 40% smaller SFY relay.

Also other Switching Devices products are produced, like a BDU (Battery Disconnetion Unit) for electric cars or customized micro switches for automotive applications. Panasonic offers solutions for all important market segments like automotive applications, industrial and home automation, machine manufacturing and process measuring and control technology. It is our diversity that has granted us sustained success over the years.

Our know-how also encompasses the development, manufacturing and processing of parts with high-precision punching or die casting. For companies who wish to outsource the production of parts, we can develop and manufacture components to meet their requirements and allow for efficient processing later.

PIDEU GmbH Pfaffenhofen offers comprehensive service from developing and assembly of products to design and manufacturing of production equipment and a fully equipped laboratory.

Panasonic Industrial Devices Europe GmbH Pfaffenhofen
Am Temmelacker 2, 85276 Pfaffenhofen, Germany
Tel.: +49(0)8441754-0
Fax: +49(0)8441754-290

Panasonic Industrial Devices Czech s.r.o.
Prumyslová 1, 34815 Planá, Czech Republic
Tel. +420 374 799911
Fax +420 374 799999