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Fibre sensors

FX-550L photoelectric sensor with IO-Link

FX-550L photoelectric sensor with IO-Link  

  • IO-Link
  • Preprogrammed self-diagnosis function
  • Improved emission power

FX-100 photoelectric sensor  

  • Top price-performance ratio
  • Ultracompact
  • Two 4-digit LCD displays

FX-300 photoelectric sensor  

  • Optical data transfer function
  • 4-digit LCD display
  • Red, blue, green, infrared transmission LED models
  • Response time as little as 35µs

FX-311 photoelectric sensor  

  • 12-position potentiometer
  • Red, blue, green, transmission LED models
  • Response time as little as 0.25ms

FX-500 photoelectric sensor  

  • Dual display
  • Response time max. 25µs
  • Digital output and analogue output type available
  • Logic function integrated

FX-550 photoelectric sensor  

  • Three times higher emission power
  • 1.6 times longer sensing range than conventional models
  • Simplified functions for improved operation ease
  • Cable and connector type available

FZ-10 photoelectric sensor  

  • Color detection fibre sensor based on RGB principle
  • Teach-in for easy setup

Optical fibers  

  • Optical fibres designed for FX100, FX300, FX311, FX400
  • Thru-beam, diffuse reflective and reflective types
  • Particular use types for special tasks