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FP0H – the ultra compact PLC with 2 Ethernet ports

FP0H – the ultra compact PLC with 2 Ethernet ports

The new ultra compact FP0H rounds off Panasonic's portfolio, shifting the focus towards connectivity and communication. Thanks to two Ethernet ports serving as a switch, data can be shared and exchanged via Ethernet. The PLC is able to communicate with different types of devices simultaneously. The following protocols are supported: EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, MEWTOCOL, and MC protocol. In addition, the FP0H offers FTP client/server functionality. Depending on the customer’s automation tasks, the PLC unit can be expanded with communication cassettes for RS232, RS422, and RS485 communication. The PLC is equipped with an SD memory card slot so that it is possible to perform data logging. Furthermore, projects can be simply copied without using a PC. The PLC is also equipped with a mini USB port. The PLC has 16 digital inputs/outputs. With the expansion units from Panasonic’s FP0R and FPΣ (Sigma) series, the number of I/Os can be extended to 384.

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