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FP7 Multifunctional control in one unit


Panasonic completes the FP7 family with the new multi input/output unit AFP7MXY32DWD. This unit is perfect for automatic-fabric-cutting machines as it can control all necessary functions and tasks. AFP7MXY32DWD and AFP7MXY32DWDH support a wide range of input devices such as encoders and two-wire sensors. The total number of external inputs is 16. The outputs (total number: 16) support ultra-high-speed pulses and dual polarity.

High speed is its nature

The AFP7MXY32DWDH additionally supports trapezoidal control with acceleration and deceleration. For single-axis applications, the following control methods are supported: PTP control (E point control, C point control), CP control (P point control), and speed control (J point control). For 2-axis linear interpolation, the following methods are supported: E point control, P point control, C point control, compositie speed or long axis speed setting. The settings of parameters and configuration is as easy as possible thanks to our sophisticated Control FPWIN Pro7 PLC programming software.

Special features

Inputs (total number: 16)

  • Input level: 5 to 24V (automatic switchover)
  • Input time constants: None, 1μs, 2μs, 4μs, 8μs, 16μs, 2ms or 4ms
  • Max. 16 transistor inputs
  • High-speed counter: max. 4 channels, 500kHz (at 5V, 12V input voltage), 250kHz (at 24V input voltage)
  • Max. 8 interrupt inputs

Outputs (total number: 16)

  • Output polarity: N / P channel, both channels (push pull) and differential output
  • Max. 16 transistor outputs
  • Pulse output: max. 4 channels, 500kHz
  • PWM output: max. 4 channels, 100kHz