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FX-311 photoelectric sensor

  • FX-311 photoelectric sensor

FX-311 - advanced manual setting fibre sensor based on FX-301

The original SUNX optical technology developed for the FX-301 digital fibre sensor, including its benefits of simple maintenance, reduced wiring and easy installation, is taken a step further with FX-311. FX-311 incorporates technology to handle every major concern and deliver superior performance for a variety of on-site requirements.


  • Long-range sensing made possible with built-in optical lens
  • Response times 0.25/2ms selectable
  • OFF-delay timer
  • 12-turn potentiometer with visible indicator
  • Close mounting is possible for up to four fibre heads
  • Supply voltage via only one cable for up to 16 amplifiers
  • Reduced intensity mode for transparent objects
  • Wide range of fibre optical cables are available
  • Optional: Up to 16 I/O devices can be connected at once using MIL connectors (SC)


  • PLC connection system SC
  • Main and sub cables (1 / 2 / 5m)


NPN output FX-311 FX-311B/G
PNP output FX-311P FX-311BP/GP
Type of amplifier Manual setting
Timer function OFF-delay timer (10ms or 40ms switchable)
Automatic interference prevention function Incorporated for up to 4 amplifiers
Sensing range Depends on fiber type used
Response time 0.25 / 2ms
Output transistor Max. 100mA
Emitting diode Red LED (modulated) Blue LED, 470nm
Green LED, 525nm
Rated current consumption without load Max. 35mA
Housing material Plastic
Protection IP40
Physical size (HxWxL) 30.5 x 10 x 64.5mm
Connection method Connector
Operating voltage 12 - 24V DC (± 10%)
Usable ambient temp. -10°C to +55°C
Weight (approx.) 15g

Typical applications

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Presence of glass substrate

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Position control

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Edge detection

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