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HG-C measurement sensor

  • HG-C measurement sensor
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HG-C series

As compact as a photoelectric sensor, the CMOS laser sensor allows to display actual measured distance as accurately as a displacement sensor.

  • Accurate > Linearity: +/-0.1% F.S.
  • Compact & light weight > W20mm x H44mm x D25mm
  • Precise level detection > Repeatability: 10μm


NPN HG-C1030 HG-C1050 HG-C1100 HG-C1200 HG-C1400
PNP HG-C1030-P HG-C1050-P HG-C1100-P HG-C1200-P HG-C1400-P
Measurement center 30mm 50mm 100mm 200mm 400mm
Measurement range +/-5mm +/-15mm +/-35mm +/-80mm +/-200mm
Repeatability 10μm 30μm 70μm 200μm 300μm (200-400mm)
800μm (400-600mm)
Linearity +/-0.1% F.S.
Temperature drift +/-0.03% F.S./°C
Beam source Red semiconductor laser (655nm), Class 2 (JIS/IEC/GB)/Class II (FDA)
Beam spot ~ Ø 50μm ~ Ø 70μm ~ Ø 120μm ~ Ø 300μm ~ Ø 500μm
Supply voltage 12 to 24VDC +/-10%
Control output 1 output (Light-ON/Dark-ON switching), Load current: 50mA or less
Analog output Voltage output: 0 to 5V (at alarm: +5.2V) / Output impedance: 100Ω
Current output: 4 to 20mA (at alarm: 0mA) / Output impedance: max. 300Ω
Switchable via settings
Response time High speed: 1.5ms / Standard: 5ms / High precision: 10ms (Switching)
External input 1 input (Zero adjustment, Teaching, Laser ON/OFF, Trigger function selection)
Protection degree IP67
Cable 5-core, 2m cable attached
Weight 35g (exclude cable), Approx. 85g (incl. cable)

 Option: Mounting bracket, enable fine adjustment in two directions (±5°, ±7,5°), please order separately: item number MS-HG-01

Typical applications

Product Feature
The deflection measurement of the hoop material
Product Feature
Thickness measurement of a plate
Product Feature
Height control of the dispenser head

Typical applications

Product Feature
Height control of a component
Product Feature
Height control of a robot
Product Feature
Installation on a food packaging line (IP67)

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