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High Density Long Distance PIR Motion Sensor

High Density Long Distance PIR Motion Sensor

Panasonic’s new passive infrared sensor convinces through the unbelievably small optic and a specified installation height up to 17 meters. When the sensor is installed at this height, the diameter of the detection area is 23.5 meters.

A special lens design with an additional lip allows fast integration into IP-rated applications by using for example an o-ring construction. The minimum lens diameter is 19.3mm.

The pyroelectric sensor complements the PaPIRs families EKMC (standby current consumption: 170µA) and EKMB (standby current consumption: 1µA ,2µA and 6µA) for battery-free and battery-operated devices, respectively.

The quad-sensor-based design with a very high density of 128 detection zones guarantees reliable response even at huge distances. The detection area is circular and symmetrical, which simplifies sensor integration because of the independence of sensor orientation within the final product.

Panasonic passive infrared sensors are optimally suited for many types of lighting control applications. Typical fields of application are for example luminaires in high-bay warehouses, motion detectors in public and industrial buildings, security cameras, and street lights.


  • Detection distance up to 17m
  • Output: digital (open-collector output) and analog (op-amplifier output)
  • Available lens colors: white, pearl white and black

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