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KT monitor

  • KT monitor

New for KT4H - TOOL cable AKT4H820

The Tool cable (AKT4H820) allows connecting the KT4H to the USB-Port of a PC. Together with the free Software KT Monitor setting of parameters and monitoring of temperature and controller data becomes very easy and convenient.
All necessary parameters can be seen at a glance. You do not have to click through long parameter sequences using the front side buttons of the controller any more. Parameter sets can be stored to the hard disk of a PC. Temperature data (process value) as well as set values and manipulated value can be monitored numerically and graphically as trend graph. Also storing these data to a CSV-file makes documentation and analysis very easy (using MS Excel).

The KT Monitor Set contains the USB adapter cable and KT monitor software.

Tool-cable AKT4H820

Clear display and setup of all paremeters and values

KT Monitor

Sampling and trend monitoring of PV, SV, MV1 and MV2

All these data can be saved in CSV-formatted files.
KT Monitor