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LA measurement sensor

  • LA measurement sensor

Laser thru-beam sensor with analogue output

This laser sensor operates with a laser "belt" of 15mm width. Nevertheless, an object of ø 0.1mm will be detected over the 500 mm sensing range with a repeatability of approx. 10µm. Adjusting the emitter and receiver is very easy as a positioning monitor leads to the best position. This laser sensor conforms to class 1, so safety measures are not necessary.


  • High precision
  • Large detection range
  • Laser class 1
  • Easy laser beam alignment
  • Stable light receiving indicator
  • Versatile mounting by using side view attachment (optional)


Laser class 1
Sensing width 15mm
Sensing range 500mm
Min. sensing object Ø 0.1mm
Repeatability </= 10µm
Response time 0.5ms
Analogue output 1 - 5V, 75W
Digital output Transistor, max. 100mA, NPN
Laser wavelength 780nm
Max. output
of laser diode
Consumption Emitter: 35mA,
Receiver: 25mA
Housing material Zinc alloy die cast
Degree of protection IP40
Size 75 x 32 x 32mm
Connection method Cable, 3m
Operating voltage 12 - 24V DC (±10%)
Usable ambient temp. 0°C to +50°C
Weight (approx.) 570g

LA typical applications

Product Feature
Orientation sensing
Product Feature
Presence sensing
Product Feature
Positioning sensing

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