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Laboratory testing and conveyance devices

Detecting the liquid level in a tube

EX-F1: Pipe-mountable liquid level detection sensor

Liquid/air (bubbles) can be detected simply by mounting the sensor onto the tube (ø 4mm). Also ideal to detect leaks of liquid reagents or cleaning solutions.


Space-saving mounting

BE-A: Built-in amplifier

Optical bubble detection in liquid for tubes with a diameter of 3mm or 4mm. Easy installation and combination of several sensors in a small space.



Detection of chemical solution leaks

EX-F60 Series: Leak Sensor

Even small liquid leaks can be detected by simply installing and connecting  the sensor. No sensitivity adjustment is required. This compact and space-saving sensor can also be used in narrow spaces.



Workpiece positioning

EX-L200 Series: Ultra-compact laser sensor

Distinctive features of these laser sensors include their high degree of directionality and beam visibility. Ultra-compact in size, yet provide high-precision detection performance. Ideal for positioning microplates.

Related products

  • EX-10 series 
    This ultra-slim photoelectric sensor (only 3.5mm in thickness) can be mounted in a very small space. Ideal for detection in test tubes in a rack.
  • PM-24 series
    This ultra-small photoelectric sensor helps to save space. Ideal for detecting overrun and starting points in mobile units.
  • GX-F/H series
    This IP68-rated sensor has strong water and environmental withstandability. Resistant against considerable shocks and vibrations, it is ideal to confirm chucking operations performed by robot arms, etc.
  • PM2 series
    This convergent reflective sensor detects miniature objects, e.g. copper wires with a diameter of only 0.05mm. Sensing performance is hardly affected by background.



Detection of remaining liquid in a sample vial

FX-500 series ver. 2: Contact liquid level detection fiber & digital fiber sensor

This sensor features a fluorine resin coated fiber head and can be used for different types of solutions. With a 1.5 mm fiber head, the sensor can also be used for small bottles.



Static elimination in test tubes and microplates

ER-X series: Area Ionizer
This airless operating ionizer can eliminate static electricity on the target object without the worry of volatilization of valuable reagents or dispersion of contaminants.

Related products

  • ER-Q series
    This fan-type ionizer is palm-sized and can be mounted just like a sensor.



Height control of the dispenser nozzle

HG-C series: Micro laser distance sensor

Due to improvements of light detection this sensor achieves a high-precision measurement with a repeatability of up to 10µm. It is among the smallest in the industry and therefore ideal for installation on moving parts.



Safety for operating personal

SF2C series: Ultra-slim safety light curtain

This safety light curtain automatically stops a production line whenever a person is detected inside the protected area. The slim design (thickness 13mm) does not take up much space, leaving the access to the machine as wide as possible.