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LS-500 laser sensor

  • LS-500 laser sensor

LS-500 series

The LS-500 series offers high-class laser sensors able to detect very small objects with a processing speed of down to 60µs. The new full stainless steel M6 housing is robust and is optimally suited for applications in harsh environments. The unique controller can handle thru-beam, diffuse reflection and retroreflection laser sensor heads. All sensors are equipped with two digital outputs, and cable-type sensors offer an additional analog output, opening new dimensions in the detection of small objects.


  • Laser class 1
  • M6 stainless steel housing for thru-beam version (LS-H101)
  • IP67 version (LS-H102)
  • Analog output 4-20mA
  • Very fast processing - 60µs
  • Small housing: 23.4 x 12 x 8.2mm


  • Mounting brackets (MS-LS-1 for use with LS-H201/LS-H901 and MS-EXL2-2 for thru-beam type models)

Sensing range LS-500

Type Model No. Sensing range
Thru-beam type Cylindrical LS-H101 HYPR: 1m
U-LG: 1m
LONG: 1m
STD: 1m
FAST: 1m
H-SP: 1m
Square LS-H102 HYPR: 1m
U-LG: 1m
STD: 1m
FAST: 1m
H-SP: 1m
Coaxial reflective type LS-H201 HYPR: 750mm
U-LG: 600mm
LONG: 450mm
STD: 300mm
FAST: 200mm
H-SP: 150mm
Coaxial retroreflective type LS-H901 HYPR: 0.01 – 2.5m
U-LG: 0.01 – 2m
LONG: 0.01 – 1.5m
STD: 0.01 – 1m
FAST: 0.01 – 1m
H-SP: 0.01 – 1m


Specifications LS-500 heads

  LS-H101 (-C5) LS-H102 (-C5) LS-H201 (-C5) LS-H901 (-C5)
  Cylindrical Small    
Applicable amplifier LS-501(P), LS-501(p)-C2
Sensor type Thru-beam type Reflective type Retroreflective type
Laser class 1
Sensing range 1m 0.3m 1m
Beam spot/line 5mm at 1m distance 2mm at 0.3 distance 6mm at 1m distance
Wavelength 660nm
Max. output of the laser diode 2mW 1mW
Housing material Enclosure: stainless steel (SUS303) Cover: polycarbonate Enclosure: PBT Cover: acrylic Enclosure: PBT, indicator cover: polycarbonate, Beam-emitting / -receiving surfaces: glass
Protection IP 40 IP67 IP 40
Size (H x W x D) 30 x Ø 6 23.4 x 12 x 8.2 23 x 18 x 8
Connection method
  • For the standard version, use cable CN-74-C.
  • Sensors with a product number ending in (-C5) are equipped with a 5m cable; cable type sensors come with an additional analog output.
Ambient temperature -10°C - +55°C
Weight (approx.) 50g


LS-500 Controller

A jog switch and mode key allow you to program all controller functions conveniently. Programming is easy with a two-color, 4-digit LCD display indicating current and threshold values at the same time. The LS-500 series offers a function which allows the dynamic range of the receiver's sensitivity to be adjusted to prevent oversaturation of the reflected light intensity (for example, this is the case with transparent objects and thru-beam type or shiny objects and reflective type sensors).


  • Double 4-digit display for current and threshold values
  • Mode key and jog switch for simple adjustment
  • Response time max. 60µs
  • Four output modes: normal, differential, hysteresis, window comparator mode
  • Timer
  • Interference prevention function
  • Key lock function
  • Laser emission halt via external input
  • Side-by-side mounting with FX-300 series possible
  • Cable or connector types available


  • Main (CN-74) and sub cables (CN-72) available for side-by-side mounting (1/2/5m)

Specifications LS-500 controller

NPN output LS-501 LS-501C2
PNP output LS-501P LS-501PC2
Display LCD
Timer 1 - 9999ms
Analog output -- 4 to 20mA
Output transistor 2 x max. 50mA, 30V DC
Response time 60µs to 24ms (depending on the settings)
Max. current consumption 50mA
Housing material Enclosure: polycarbonate, protective cover: polycarbonate, switch: Polyacetal
Size (H x W x D) 75 x 32 x 10mm
Connection method Connector Cable 2m
Operating voltage 12 - 24V DC (±10%)
Ambient temperature -10°C to +55°C
Weight (approx.) 15g 75g


Typical applications

Product Feature

Presence detecting of bottoms during packaging

Product Feature

Detection of tiny objects

Product Feature

Presence or absence detection of bottles

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