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Machine for laboratory testing and clinical diagnostics

Tube rack detection

A test tube rack needs to be detected. There is only little room for installing the sensor. The PM2 sensor reliably detects the rack through a small opening. The sensor can be supplied with 5V DC (up to 24V DC), which saves customers money.

Convergent reflective micro photoelectric sensor PM2



Static charge removal for reaction container

The reaction container is charged with static electricity. This causes problems when they are to be filled with liquid. The ionizer ER-V removes the static electricity and the container can be filled with liquid. The advantage of the ER-V lies in the flexible nozzles, which can be selected depending on the application.

Ultra-compact ionizer ER-V



Static charge removal before liquid level detection

A capacitative sensor is installed to check the liquid level in a test tube. Due to static electricity, the liquid sticks to the top rim of the test tube, making it difficult to detect the liquid level correctly. The ionizer ER-X removes the static electricity, and the sensor is able to detect the liquid level properly.

Ultra-compact ionizer ER-X



Non-contact detection of liquids

The liquid inside the container must be detected without touching it. If the sensor comes into contact with the liquid, the sensor may get corroded or there may be health risks to the personnel during maintenance. The bubble sensor BE-A is simply mounted on the outside of the feeding tube. The sensor detects reliably when the container is empty without touching the liquid.

Bubble sensor BE-A



Checking of pump operation result

The task is to check whether a liquid has been completely pumped out of a container. If the bubble sensor constantly detects air gaps or bubbles, it is safe to assume that the container is empty.

Bubble sensor BE-A

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