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MINAS A5 servo driver (multifunction type)

  • MINAS A5 servo driver (multifunction type)


2kHz response frequency
Achieves 2kHz  - the highest response frequency in the industry. In addition to its advanced control functions, the MINAS A5 features an LSI chip architecture that enables ultra-fast system operation. In view of its remarkable speed and superb positioning response, the A5 is suitable for the most demanding systems. Furthermore, its outstanding response times drastically reduce vibration. 

20-bit encoder; 1.04 million pulses per revolution
Ensures smoother operation by means of manual/automatic notch filters which significantly reduce vibration at machine stoppage. Enables exceptionally fast and accurate positioning. A new proprietary signal processing technology achieves 1.04 million pulses per revolution with a 20-bit encoder.

Low cogging torque
Achieves the industry’s most stable speed and lowest cogging torque by minimizing pulse width. This was made possible by a new design featuring a 10-pole rotor for the motor as well as a magnetic field analysis function. With the reduction in torque variation, the MINAS A5’s speed, stability, and positioning behavior have been markedly improved.

4Mpps input/output pulse
Handles positioning commands via pulse train input – another feature that puts it far ahead of its competitors. Command input and pulse output can both achieve speeds of up to 4Mpps. This enables ultra-fast, high-resolution operation, including the standard full closed control mode.


Real-time auto-gain tuning
Incorporates the industry’s fastest, high-performance real-time auto-gain tuning system, with a simple setup. After installation, tuning is performed automatically upon completion of several operations. When the response frequency has been adjusted, simple tuning results in a change to a single parameter value, and fine-tuning can be carried out by activating the gain adjustment mode in the setup software. The automatic vibration suppression function minimizes equipment damage. Additional mode and stiffness parameters enable easy response frequency optimization for specific machine types such as vertical axis or high-friction, belt-driven machines.

Manual and auto notch filters
Eliminates the need to monitor troublesome vibration frequencies. By automatically detecting vibration and defining a simple auto-gain setting, the MINAS A5’s high-response notch filters greatly reduce interference and vibration caused by equipment resonance. For depth adjustment, the A5 features a total of four notch filters – the maximum available in the industry - with a setup frequency range of 50 - 5000Hz. Two of the filters share the auto setup.

Manual and auto damping filters
Suppresses the natural vibration frequency component of the command input, which greatly reduces axis vibration at machine stoppage. The number of damping filters has been increased to four from the conventional two; of these four, two are for simultaneous use. The available frequency range has been extended significantly to 1 - 200Hz, and the auto setup has been simplified.

Setup software with motion simulation
Reads response frequency data from the actual machine into a sample general-purpose application. A simplified simulation function allows you to check gain and filter effects without adjusting the actual equipment.


New structure / innovative core / high-precision encoder
(Not featured in the MSMD or MHMD type)
Features a more compact motor that weighs considerably less. Both the large and the compact motor types have been overhauled, and the core has been successfully redesigned and scaled down. The integration of an innovative compact encoder has resulted in a 10% - 25% (1 - 6kg) motor weight reduction in the 1kW-and-larger class compared to conventional motors.


Complies with European safety standards
Features hardware-based independent redundant circuitry for motor power isolation. This eliminates the need for the magnetic contactors prescribed by European safety standards for low-voltage machine commands.
(To ensure compliance with the relevant standards, a safety assessment of the entire machine is required. The A5E series requires additional safety measures for applications using STO.)

Low interference
Sample application: Semiconductor and LCD production equipment, or various types of  production machinery for export to the European market.
Complies with the applicable European EMC Directive. By incorporating the latest circuit technology, the MINAS A5 achieves a further interference reduction of 3dB compared with the conventional A4 series. (The MINAS A4 also features interference suppression and thus also conforms to the EMC Directive.)


PANATERM setup software
The latest PANATERM setup software with many added features is available for download.

Service life prediction
Monitors the internal temperature of main components such as the fan and condenser. If a temperature exceeds the rated value, an alarm signal is displayed. This prevents unexpected downtimes and facilitates system maintenance planning.

Encoder temperature monitor
(With 20-bit encoder only)
Measures the encoder temperature in real time - a new feature that was previously difficult to implement. Used to monitor the motor and for diagnostic purposes in the event of a malfunction.

Data logging function
Enables numerical monitoring and graphical representation of a variety of data, and allows you to record this data at intervals of 1, 5, or 10s for analysis.

MINAS A5 servo driver

Rated power Driver
230V AC
A5; A5N; A5B
230V AC
A5; A5N; A5B
3x380V AC
50/100W MADHT1505E MADHT1505*** -- A
200W MADHT1507E MADHT1507***
400W MBDHT2510E MBDHT2510*** B
750W MCDHT3520E MCDHT3520*** C
1kW -- MDDHT5540*** MDDHT2412*** D
1,5kW MDDHT3420***
2kW -- MEDHT4430*** E
3kW MFDHT5440*** F
4/5kW MFDHTA464***
7,5kW MGDHTB4A2*** G
11/15kW MHDHTB4A2*** H

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Overview MINAS A5, motors, and accessories (PDF)

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