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MINAS A6V servo drives (24/48V DC)



In modern, automated production lines, there is a trend towards drive solutions that can operate independently of AC or three-phase current networks. Automated guided vehicles, for example, use batteries as a power supply during operation, which require a suitable low input voltage at the drive. Also applications in which no alternating current may be used for reasons of user safety require such drives - for example in medical technology or robotics. To meet these challenges, Panasonic offers special servo motors and servo drivers from the MINAS A6V series. The drives are optimized for a supply voltage of 24 or 48V DC and achieve a rated power output of 200 or 400W. With their compact dimensions, the A6V motors offer high power density coupled with very good energy efficiency. They are also characterized by their long life time and their overload capacity, which is particularly important in the case of short-term power peaks. The 23-bit absolute encoder and the pulse train with up to 500kpps ensure precise and dynamic positioning.

Other features:

  • Modbus RTU communication
  • Position, rotational speed, and torque control
  • Rated rotational speed 3000rpm


  • Medical field, laboratory
  • Robotics
  • Autonomous vehicles (in the household and warehouse, lawn mower etc.)

Servo driver specifications

Type A6V
Supply voltage 24/48V DC 48V DC
Rated power 200W 400W
Rated current 8.6A
Max. rated current 24.3A
Control mode Position control, velocity control, torque control, full-closed control
Positioning with digital I/Os (“block operation table”) Yes
Control input Pulse, analog
Encoder feedback Rotating 23-bit absolute, serial
External encoder Yes -
Communication USB, RS232, RS485, Modbus
Inputs 5 multifunction inputs, 2 pulse inputs, 1 analog input, Modbus
Outputs 3 multifunction outputs, A/B/Z-phase pulse output
Weight 0.35kg approx.
Dimensions (W x H x D in mm) 90 x 30 x 180

Servo motor specifications

Type A6V
Rated power 200W 400W
Supply voltage 24/48V DC 48V DC
Flange diameter 60mm
Rated rotational speed 3000rpm
Max. rotational speed 3000rpm
Rated torque 0.64–1.27Nm/0.64–1.91Nm 1.27–2.54Nm
Peak torque 1.27–2.54Nm
Encoder Resolution 23 bit absolute
Multi turn 23 bit
IP degree of protection (motor) IP65
Motor length (without shaft) 79.5mm 99mm


MINAS A6V Output Voltage Type
Servo driver 200W/400W 24V DC MVDLN5CSF
200W/400W 48V DC MVDLN5BSF
Servo motor 200W 24V DC MSMD02CL1S
200W 24V DC MSMD02CL1T
200W 48V DC MSMD02BL1S
200W 48V DC MSMD02BL1T
400W 48V DC MSMD04BL1S
400W 48V DC MSMD04BL1T

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