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Miniature photoelectric sensors

EX-Z photoelectric sensor  

Ultra miniature thru-beam sensor

  • Most compact sensor (W8 x H14 x D3mm)
  • Thru-beam type with sensing range from 50 to 500mm
  • Minimum sensing object from 0.3 to 1mm
  • Front and side sensing type available
  • Clear visible spot 

EX-10 photoelectric sensor  

  • Mini, ultranarrow type (H 14.5 x W 3.5 x D 10mm)
  • Response time 0.5ms
  • Front or side light output

EX-10S photoelectric sensor  

  • Avoid interferences; allowing close-spaced installation
  • Detects objects with a diameter of just 0.5 mm
  • Long-range sensing at 1 m with a narrow-beam

EX-20 photoelectric sensor  

  • Miniature type
  • Response time 0.5ms
  • Red light transmission LED
  • IP67

EX-30 photoelectric sensor  

  • Threaded type (M4 for one-way or M6 for scanner version)
  • Red light transmission LED
  • Response time 0.5ms

PM-25/45/65 photoelectric sensor  

  • U-shaped type
  • Cable and connector type
  • Sensing range 6mm
  • IP 64 degree of protection
  • Large multi-angle indicator

PM2 photoelectric sensor  

  • Fixed-focus light scanner
  • Background extraction
  • Response time 0.8ms
  • Plug connection