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MIPTEC – a Panasonic MID technology

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What is 3D circuit design?

Panasonic MID solution MIPTEC allows the creation of integrated circuits directly on 3D shaped surfaces. Our proprietary surface activation technology and laser patterning enable the manufacturing of fine circuit patterns on molded 3D devices.

The MIPTEC technology provides a wide range of new possibilities in circuit design. Additional degrees of freedom in mechanical and electrical design allow miniaturized and compact devices.

Application examples

Product Feature


Product Feature


Product Feature

Camera modules

Device miniaturization

  • Compact design and adaptable structures for integration
  • Fine patterns due to advanced laser technology
  • Examples: camera modules for smartphones or for medical endoscopes

Design flexibility

  • Wide range of shaped structures and mounting possibilities
  • Excellent reflection characteristics
  • Examples: inductive proximity sensor for smartphones

Curved surface

Instead of using machined or pressed metal plates, curved surfaces can easily be metallized with MID technology. Due to their excellent reflection characteristics shapes metallized in this manner can be used as optical reflection surfaces.

Bend surfaces

Custom shapes allow the adaption of the mechanics for any housing design and makes further miniaturization possible. Multi-surface substrates can be achieved by using multiple bend surfaces, thus providing space for chip mounting.


Thanks to smart substrate design, it is possible to achieve accurate positioning and exact mechanical connections. This saves time, efforts and costs in assembly processes.


Components can be freely arranged on the mold’s surface. Because components can be mounted all over the 3D surface, designers can achieve a compact package size.


  1. Photodetector IC
  2. Infrared LED
  3. Switch
  4. SMD components (resistor, etc.)

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