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NA1-PK5 photoelectric sensor

  • NA1-PK5 photoelectric sensor

Slim body picking sensor

The NA1-PK5 series is a new area sensor which prevents the wrong part from being picked. With its ultrathin design, you can really save space. The sensor incorporates a high visibility job indicator with 8 orange LEDs. The picking location can be easily confirmed, even in a brightly lit workplace. The sensing range of 1.2m is suitable for large parts boxes. A PNP output type is also available.


  • Slim body
  • Excellent mutual interference prevention function
  • Selectable detection operation
  • Lighting pattern selectable
  • PNP output type is available
  • CE marked   


  • Sensor mounting brackets
  • Sensor protection brackets
  • Slit mask
  • Mating cable (2m, 5m)   


  NPN output PNP output
  High-luminous job indicator type Long sensing range type High-luminous job indicator type Long sensing range type
  NA1-PK5 NA1-5 NA1-PK5-PN NA1-5-PN
Sensor type Picking sensor
Sensing height 100mm
Sensing range 0.1 to 1.2m 0.2 to 3m 0.1 to 1.2m 0.2 to 3m
Beam pitch 25mm
Number of beam channels 5 beam channels
Sensing object Ø35mm or more, opaque object
Supply voltage 12 to 24V DC ±10%
Power consumption Emitter: 0.5W or less, Receiver 0.8W or less Emitter: 0.5W or less, Receiver 0.9W or less
Output NPN open-collector transistor, max.100mA PNP open-collector transistor, max.100mA
Response time 10ms or less
Pollution degree 3 (industrial environment)
Protection IP62
Emitting element Infrared LED
Physical size (WxHxD) 30mm x 140mm x 10mm
Material Enclosure: heat-resistant ABS, Lens cover: acrylic, Indicator cover: acrylic
Cable 0.3mm² 4-core (emitter: 3-core) cab tire cable, 2m long
Weight (approx.) Emitter: 80g Receiver: 85g Emitter: 70g Receiver: 80g Emitter: 80g Receiver: 85g Emitter: 70g Receiver: 80g

NA1-PK5 typical applications

Product Feature

Prevents picking wrong parts

Product Feature

Access control on assembly line

Product Feature

Detecting parts having wide positioning area

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