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New expansion units for Eco-POWER METER KW2M

New expansion units for Eco-POWER METER KW2M

The eco-POWER METER KW2M and its expansion units monitor various parameters as well as electricity within factories and facilities. No PLC is required to track data concerning air, water, pressure, temperature, illuminance, production quantity, operation status ON/OFF, etc. This environmental and production information can help you to analyse and improve your energy consumption and productivity. Thanks to Ethernet communication, the server can collect data from remote sites through the KW2M. This reduces the cost and time needed for monitoring sites in remote locations. In commercial complexes, the KW2M Eco POWER METER helps to maintain the comfort of the people inside the building and ensures early detection of abnormalities by monitoring variations of energy consumption and temperature on each floor or in service rooms.

Features of the multi analog unit:

  • Analog input (voltage / current) 3 channels: 0 to 60V, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA
  • Resistance temperature detector input (RTD) 2 channels: PT100 / PT1000

Application examples for the multi analog expansion units:

  • Predictive maintenance of batteries: The KW2M measures the DC voltage to get information about when the battery is deteriorated and needs to be replaced. This helps with maintenance planning.
  • Predictive maintenance of electrical cabinets: By measuring the temperature inside electrical cabinets at the transformer, you can easily determine when it is time for maintenance.

Features of the digital I/O unit:

  • Number of inputs/outputs: pulse input 2 channels, pulse output 4 channels
  • Input method: Non-voltage contact or open-collector

Application examples of digital I/O expansion units:

  • Alarm output
    The digital I/O unit can monitor the flow of gas or water and output an alarm when an error occurs.
  • Elimination of voltage imbalances between phases
    If there is an unbalanced load due to a V-connected transformer or a heater, a voltage imbalance occurs between phases and the motor torque becomes insufficient, which causes a rise in heat or a reduction in the product lifetime.



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