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News Archive 2012

Control FPWIN Pro and its comprehensive, powerful libraries  


The PLC programming software Control FPWIN Pro has been evolving for over 15 years, and along with it its libraries. As expected, the latest version of the software includes even more function blocks to help you efficiently program your PLC.

LQ relays - now manufactured fully automatically  


The design of the economical JQ relay, which has proven itself a million times over in the field, has been improved.

Communication between controllers and intelligent sensors made easy  


Due to the large variety of bus systems in factory automation, many system integrators are faced with the dilemma of choosing the "right" system, a decision that can have far-reaching consequences.

HEV: new high-DC relay for switching of solar strings  


Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers for switching solutions for solar AC/DC inverters. The portfolio of solutions for both the AC and the DC side is unmatched.

Miniature, high capacity PhotoMOS relays for load currents of up to 1.6A  


The new AQY211G2S series high capacity PhotoMOS relays in a compact SOP4 package enable wear-free, reliable switching of AC and DC low voltage loads of up to 40V and 1.6A in the smallest of spaces.

SF-Y: the new relay family with forcibly guided contacts  


For over 20 years, Panasonic's SF2D, SF3, SF4D and SFN4D relay series have enjoyed unparalleled success. You can find SF relays with forcibly guided contacts in countless safety-related applications of almost all well-known manufacturers.

ER-X Ionizer  


The ER-X series ionizers were conceived for applications with large areas.

FP Web Designer: data visualization in the Internet  


The FP Web Designer allows you to easily create websites without requiring programming skills.

Sunny times for the LF-G relay  


The LF-G relay is Panasonic’s most successful switching device for solar inverters.

GX-M series cylindrical inductive sensors for a variety of applications  


With its GX-M series, Panasonic Electric Works has introduced a family of cylindrical proximity sensors for standard applications to the market.

The new, powerful GT32-E touch terminal for outdoor applications  


With its new compact GT32-E touch terminal, Panasonic Electric Works is once again setting new standards for applications for human machine interfaces under difficult temperature conditions.

VSSOP PhotoMOS - Expanded portfolio  


Panasonic has expanded its portfolio for the new VSSOP series.

CY-100 series: universal and inexpensive cylindrical photoelectric sensors  


The cylindrical shape of the CY-100 photoelectric sensor series from Panasonic Electric Works as well as the many models in which the sensors are available make them well suited to handle a multitude of tasks.

The CP power type relay  


After years of consolidation, the through-hole reflow (THR) method has clearly established itself as the optimal processing method for soldering relays to a PC board.

Panasonic's new latching DW relay  


The DW relay was developed especially for digital, electronic smart meters. To save energy, a latching relay is necessary. The DW relay fulfills all demands of this market.