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News Archive 2013

Small, smaller, the smallest: Ultra miniature photoelectric sensor, only a third of the size of a stamp  


The miniaturization of devices is progressing faster and faster and at the same time the detection of very small objects, especially in medical applications, is increasingly automated with sensors.

The right relay for all APPlications: Panasonic PhotoMOS  


Check out Panasonic's free smartphone app for the comprehensive portfolio of PhotoMOS semiconductor relays!

Upgraded ratings for HE-Y5-relay  


The successful HE-Y5-relay for solar inverters and other high-power applications received a new rating from UL and VDE for up to 60A.

The new GT03 touch panels - welcome to a new member of the 'TOUGH PANELS' family  


There is a large range of touch terminals available, but only a few types are suitable for operation under extreme conditions.

No obstruction of the light beam in LED applications with the new connector series L1 / L2  


The new connector series L1 / L2 has been developed especially for various LED applications. In comparison to manual soldering, the reject rate can be reduced and the productivity can be increased with the help of the L1 /L2 series.

CN-L - Optimizing automotive energy management with the new latching-type high-voltage relay  


Panasonic expands the portfolio of high-voltage relays for the automotive industry in order to serve customers with high power requirements even better in the future.

Contactless switching  


With its non-contact switches of the AVP series, Panasonic Electric Works offers solutions to detect the presence of metallic objects without touching them.

Detecting people with the triangulation technology – an alternative to cameras or thermal imaging  


Detecting people and animals have very similar technical application requirements. People wear clothes in various colors or with varying structures, animals may have long or short fur or feathers; they can also be dirty or wet.

New Low CxR PhotoMOS with optimized on-resistance for currents of up to 1A  


Panasonic's new Low CxR PhotoMOS offer the smallest housings combined with the lowest on-resistance for maximum continuous load currents of up to 1A.

Servo drives for superior performance: MINAS A5N  


The Ethernet-based servo drives of the MINAS A5N series are not only extremely compact, but also ideally suited for highly dynamic applications.

New BACnet fieldbus slave unit unites building systems engineering with the world of automation  


The ability to collect counter and measurement values as well as other vital operating data for heating, air circulation and conditioning is a prerequisite for developing open, interoperable and functional building automation applications.

Power feed-in management for renewable energy sources  


The European Union has decreed that 20 percent of the overall domestic energy consumption must come from renewable energy sources by the year 2020. The EU guideline to this effect is also known as the RES Directive.

Innovative multi-talent for energy management: KW9M Eco-POWER METER  


Reduction of: energy costs, maintenance costs and costs resulting from production downtimes.

FP-PS24 high-end power supply units – also for arduous applications  


With excellent design parameters such as power density, operation at high temperatures, efficiency, lifetime, etc., the new FP-PS24 high-end power supply units are setting new standards and can also be used under severe conditions.

SF4B safety light curtain – the all-rounder  


Panasonic has been developing, producing and selling safety engineering products for more than 20 years.

High capacity DC PhotoMOS relays for load currents of up to 10A  


The new high capacity AQZ192 series PhotoMOS relays in a slim SIL package enable wear-free, reliable switching of DC loads up to 60V and 10A.