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News Archive 2015

FP7 economy PLC, ideal for stand-alone systems  


An improved performance coupled with a smaller design, extensive communication features, and integration of motion control – all of this makes the economy PLC the jack of all trades.

FPC connectors - Y4BH series  


0.4mm pitch FPC connector with differential impedance matching

KW2M - The new Panasonic Eco-POWER METER  


A new addition to the innovative range of Panasonic Eco POWER METERS used for monitoring and analysis of electrical power, is the KW2M series which features measurement of multiple circuits and Ethernet communications in a single unit.

The HE power relay family gets even stronger – now with 90A rating  


The new HE Y6 relay has been added to the HE family, which so far has comprised relays with a switching capacity of up to 60A.

EX-Z – the new, worldwide smallest photoelectric sensor series  


Panasonic launches the worldwide smallest photoelectric sensor series, the EX-Z.

3 years warranty – because we believe in our products  


It is very important to use valuable resources in a sustainable way. This is why our products are designed for a long service life, allowing us to extend the warranty to 3 years.

LED UV curing system: Now more powerful and with 405nm heads  


Panasonic LED UV curing system can now also be equipped with 405nm UV curing heads.

New HE-S power relay – the multi-purpose solution  


New high-voltage relay for solar inverters, charging stations, elevator systems and other applications up to 35A / 277V AC.

Panasonic launches new website for Laser Marking Systems  


The new Panasonic Laser Marking Systems website www.laser.panasonic.eu has gone online.

The power giant in a miniature format  


The new B01 connector series for safe power transmission.

TSON – the ultraminiature PhotoMOS relay  


The new capacitive coupled PhotoMOS relays with the new ultraminiature TSON package type offer not only a small footprint, but also numerous technical advantages.

PF- Slim power relay made in Europe  


With the introduction of a new version of the APF relay, Panasonic Electric Works has advanced the slim power relay technology to the next level.

Safety product portfolio extension  


Our new product line includes emergency stop switches, safety grip switches and key selector switches. Furthermore we proudly present the world’s thinnest safety door switch.

Expansion of the portfolio of laser measurement sensors  


The new variety of laser sensor heads makes it possible to perform measurements over a sensing range of up to 350mm or with a resolution of 0.01µm, respectively. This includes measuring shiny and jet black objects.

FP7 – Extension of the portfolio for analog applications  


The new flagship of the Panasonic PLCs sets the highest standards with regards to efficiency and performance. The FP7 series is continually being expanded and, thanks to special units and application cassettes, now offers the possibility to realize...

S35 narrow pitch connectors  


The S35 connector is the slimmest 2-piece connector in the Industry. This series offers more flexibility to design new devices thanks to its higher performance and compact size.