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News Archive 2016

PhotoIC coupler for high speed communication

PhotoIC coupler for high speed communication  


Panasonic’s PhotoIC coupler allows fast communication at 50 Mbps and has a high noise resistance. Its performance is guaranteed for temperatures up to 105°C.

Sensor application collection

Sensor application collection  


Over 60 successfully solved applications are now available on our website. Please find examples for the automotive and the semiconductor industry illustrating how our products work in practice.

electronica 2016  


Products & solutions for a networked world.

50A latching relay for building automation – IoT switching actuators  


New product DJ-H targets applications in the IoT market and complies with the regulations of IEC 60669-1 to handle highest inrush currents up to 400A.

FP7 Multifunctional control in one unit  


Panasonic completes the FP7 family with the new multi input/output unit AFP7MXY32DWD. This unit is perfect for automatic-fabric-cutting machines as it can control all necessary functions and tasks.



The smallest photoelectric sensors in the world.

Get a free sensor sample and win a Panasonic cordless screwdriver!

Increased degree of protection: safety relay SFS line-up expands to wash-tight sealed (RT III) version  


There is a trend to sealed relays for two reasons – first, in order to be able to wash the relays after soldering (wash-tight type), second, more and more applications require tight types after RT III. To accommodate this trend, Panasonic increases its portfolio with a new sealed version of the SFS safety relay family.

MINAS-BL servo drives and motors  


Panasonic MINAS-BL series, modern servo technology at a competitive price.

U-shaped photoelectric sensor with a large variety of types  


The new U-shaped  photoelectric sensors of the series PM-25/45/65 combine high switching frequencies, 360° operation indicator LED, and reverse polarity protection in a compact, robust body. This makes them ideally suited for applications in machines where there is little room for installation.

Ideal for PLC I/O units: the new PA-N relay  


The only 5mm wide electromechanical relay fulfills the IEC (UL) standard effective since 1 April 2016 which requires reinforced insulation for programmable controllers (e.g. input and output units).

The touch panels of the HM500 series - now with transparent mode!  


The newest version of the HM500 series features transparent mode and comes at an unbeatable price.

New ‘low profile’ 16A relay DW-HL  


The new DW-HL power relay is a ‘low-profile’ version of the 16A latching type DW-H relay. The height has been reduced by 15% to just 15.8mm. This makes the relay perfectly suited for building automation and the new market Internet of Things (IoT).

Contact-type measuring sensors vs optical sensors  


Contact-type measuring sensors, often also referred to as tactile sensors or contact sensors, are ideal for rough industrial environments where the surfaces to be measured are likely to be contaminated by oil, coolants, grease, fat, water, or dust. Optical sensors are not able to measure contaminated surfaces accurately.

Board-to-FPC connectors – A35US series with power terminals  


Connectors for high-current battery applications.

Panasonic goes EPLAN  


Selected automation products from Panasonic are now available in the EPLAN Data Portal.

New standard in our customary quality - KT.R temperature controllers  


The temperature controllers of the KT.R series are the successors of the KT series controllers KT4, KT8, KT9. Customers benefit from a remarkable enhancement of features such as fast and easy operation, simplified configuration and functionality, visibility of the display, and a compact design, among other things.

Smart grid and smart home with Panasonic  


Using energy in an intelligent manner becomes more and more important. This is why Panasonic keeps expanding their product portfolio with components for smart-grid and smart-home applications.

T-series switches now with UL61058  


The old standard UL1054 is now replaced by UL61058.

The portfolio includes toggle, rocker, and push button switches.

MINAS A6 servo drives: “Faster, more compact, more precise”  


The success story of the MINAS servo drives continues with the new MINAS A6 series. Some features are especially noteworthy:

  • Compact size
  • The maximum rotational speed is now 6500 rpm
  • High-resolution 23-bit encoder (8388608 pulses/revolution)
  • ……..

DP-0 - new digital pressure sensor for non-corrosive gases  


The DP-0 series comprises digital pressure sensors which have been developed with very easy operation and fast installation in mind.