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NX-5 photoelectric sensor

  • NX-5 photoelectric sensor

Compact, multivoltage photoelectric sensors

Long sensing ranges and high reliability are combined in this compact sensor design, which is available in thru-beam, retroreflective or diffuse reflective versions. The output is a sealed relay allowing connection of high capacity loads. All sensors accept AC or DC supply voltages. Thru-beam and retroreflective models can be ordered with an infrared or visible red light source. Cross talk prevention means that two sensors can be mounted closely together.


  • Compact design
  • Long sensing ranges
  • Retroreflective type with polarisation filter
  • Thru-beam type with 30m detection range
  • Multi-voltage
  • Relay output
  • Red LED types for easy alignment


  • Cross talk prevention filter
  • Slit mask
  • Various reflectors
  • Various mounting brackets


Light ON NX5-M10RA NX5-M30A NX5-PRVM5A NX5-RM7A NX5-D700A
Dark ON NX5-M10RB NX5-M30B NX5-PRVM5B NX5-RM7B NX5-D700B
Sensor type Thru-beam Retroreflective Diffuse
    Long sensing range With polarizing filters Long sensing range  
Sensing range 10m 30m 5m 7m 0.7m
Adjustable range 10m 30m 0.1 to 5m 0.1 to 7m 0.7m
Standard target Metal, matt black min. Ø 20mm Metal, matt black min. Ø 50mm White nonglossy paper 20x20cm
Detectable target Opaque object Nontransparent, semitransparent Non transparent, semitransparent Nontransparent, semitransparent, transparent
Hysteresis -- <15% of measurement range
Response time Max. 10ms
Output Relay contact 1 changeover (1c)
Switching capacity: 250VAC/1 A , 30VDC/2A (resistive load)
Emitting diode Red Infrared Red Infrared Infrared
Rated power consumption without load


Max. 2VA
Receiver max.
2 VA
2 VA
Housing material Plastic
Protection IP 66
Physical size (HxWxL) 62x18x35mm
Connection method Cable 2m
Operating voltage 24 to 240V AC ± 10% or 12 to 240V DC ± 10%
Usable ambient temp. -20°C to +55°C
Weight emitter (approx.) 100g 125g 140g
Receiver (approx.) 140g 140g 140g

NX-5 typical applications

Product Feature

Detecting car position in parking garage

Product Feature

Detecting workpieces on conveyor line

Product Feature

Detecting golf balls

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