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Optical laser micrometers HG-T series

Optical laser micrometers HG-T series

The HG-T laser thru-beam sensors work like optical micrometers that can measure with µm precision even over large distances. The sensor head works with a laser belt with a width of 10mm. The laser belt allows the high-precision monitoring of wide webs, for example in the printing industry. The series consists of easy-to-use laser measurement devices with many features for customers. Panasonic is thus responding to the needs of the market and the ever-increasing demands on technology, thus adapting the tried-and-tested HL-T1 laser series at many points.


  • Sensor head for standard type or slim type
  • Intuitive device for beam alignment at the controller
  • Several preset measurement and calculation functions such as edge detection or measuring of diameters or transparent objects
  • Analog current/voltage output
  • Predictive maintenance for monitoring the light intensity
  • Easy expansion with up to 14 slave units

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