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PLC Software FP Data Analyzer

  • PLC Software FP Data Analyzer

FP Data Analyzer

The FP Data Analyzer is a software tool used to read and display PLC data. Such data can be stored in a file and analysed in offline mode. The tool can be used for:

  • Performing failure diagnostics
  • Finding and isolating failures
  • Performing analyses, system optimization, scan time reduction
  • Documenting processes
  • Shortening the time between setup and operation
  • Carrying out machine maintenance
  • Improving development


Possible fields of application

  • The machine does not work as expected. From time to time an error occurs, but you do not know why.
    With the FP Data Logger, you can connect to a PLC, configure data to be analysed and set a trigger to start analysis when the error flag occurs. You also can set a pre-trigger time to check events that occurred before the error.
  • You need to archive historical data from the plant.
    You can connect the tool to a PLC and read the data to be archived. You can set the scan time to read the data once a day or every hour … You can also write a small function block that archives the data in an array in the PLC's memory. If the memory is full, you can connect the FP Data Logger to the PLC, upload the data, archive and analyse it.
  • With the XY mode you can observe multiple axis movements.
    For example, you can watch the circular interpolated movement of two axes using FP-Sigma.

Features of the FP Data Analyzer

  • Integrated Panasonic MEWNET Manager
  • LAN and modem connection for remote control via LAN, Internet or telephone line
  • Concurrent data acquisition from several independent PLCs
  • Acquisition of all internal and external PLC registers, relays, counters, timers, arrays and even DUTs
  • Connection to P400 image processing software
  • Data types can be recorded and displayed as: BOOL, INT, DINT, WORD, DWORD, REAL, STRING, ARRAY of type
  • Adding new channels while recording
  • Variable list is compatible with Control FPWIN Pro's export of global variables
  • Trigger condition may consist of one or more channels linked with Boolean operators
  • Trigger functions with pre-trigger, post-trigger
  • User-defined sampling rate from a few milliseconds to hours or even days
  • Auto-save to disk
  • Each channel can be displayed in any colour and trace width
  • Display signals graphically as single channels, in XY-mode or in tables
  • Time measuring function with up to 4 markers plus 2 trigger markers
  • Jump to time
  • Jump to an analogue value
  • Virtually unlimited number of samples
  • Printing

Ordering information

  • Available for download for free. Software is also available on the FPWIN Pro software CD.

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