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PM photoelectric sensor

  • PM photoelectric sensor

U-shaped type microphotosensors

This series is only available until March 2017! Please use the successor products from our PM-25/45/65 series.

Not only their small size, but also the 17 different sensor shapes mean flexibility, space savings and quick installation on machinery. PM sensors are alternatively available as a cable type or as a crimp-connector version. They are equipped with two independent transistor outputs for light ON or dark ON operation.


  • Miniature construction
  • Response time only 20µs
  • Wide variety of models 
  • Connector or cable type
  • Individual light ON/dark ON outputs

Accessories (option):

  • Various connectors


  Ultrasmall type Small type
NPN output
PNP output
(with cable)
(with connector)
(Built-in connector)
Sensor type Thru-beam U-shaped
Sensing range 5mm (fix)
Min. sensing object 0.8 x 1.8mm (nontransparent)
Hysteresis 0.05mm or less
Response time Light ON: max. 20µs, dark ON: max. 100µs
Output transistor NPN or PNP, max. 50mA current,
max. 30V DC applied voltage
NPN open-collector
Emitting diode Infrared (non-modulated)
Rated current consumption Max. 15mA
Housing material Plastic
Protection IP 40
Connection method Cable 1 m or hook-up connector Connector attached cable
1m, 2m, 3m, 5m
Operating voltage 5 - 24V DC ±10%
Usable ambient temp. -25°C to +55°C
Weight (approx.) 100g 15g   3g 40g
R = with inflection resistant cable

Typical applications

Product Feature

Sense the starting point on a rotating body

Product Feature

Determine the pallet position

Product Feature

Sense the starting point and overrun of a moving body

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