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Pressure & flow sensors

DP-100L pressure sensor with IO-Link

DP-100L pressure sensor with IO-Link  

  • IO-Link
  • Preprogrammed self-diagnosis function
  • Dual display with 12 segment font
  • Resolution 0.05%

DP-0 pressure sensor  

  • Digital pressure sensor for gas
  • Two setting mode levels for easy operation
  • Simple and highly visible display
  • Extra-short depth and light weight
  • Two types available: -100kPa to +100kPa (-1 to +1 bar) and 0 to 1MPa (0 to 10 bar) 

DP-100 pressure sensor  

  • Double display
  • Easy adjustment
  • Two independent outputs
  • M8 connector type

DPC/DPH-100 pressure sensor  

  • Stainless steel pressure ports
  • Easy installation
  • Analog output
  • Industry’s fastest response time

DPC-L100/DPH-L100 pressure sensor  

  • For gasses and liquids
  • Pressure range up to 500bar (50MPa)
  • Analog output
  • The sensor head can be connected to the DPC-L100 controller or a PLC

FM-200 flow sensor  

  • 2-color display with sub display
  • Analog voltage output
  • One sensor intake and exhaust
  • High flow-rate type
  • Flow rate up to 1000 l/min.

DP2 pressure sensor  

  • Discontinued
  • Substitute product is the Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor DP-100

DP-M pressure sensor  

  • Differential pressure measurement at 0.01kpa resolution
  • Analog current signal output
  • Bright LED display