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Relays for photovoltaic power solutions

Solar power for private households  

The ALFG series offers optimal solutions for modern AC/DC inverters. Switching elements for this relay, which meet the requirements for the VDE0126 standard, are at the developer's disposal. With a power output of up to 7kW, these relays are especially suited for AC/DC inverters for private households.

Solar power for office buildings  

For office buildings, the high performance HE relay series is available. This series is suited for AC/DC inverters with a power output of up to 11kW.

Solar parks  

In solar parks with CPV (Concentrated PhotoVoltaic) and solar trackers, power output is remarkable. EP series relays meet the demanding requirements and performance of these facilities and can be used for a power output of up to 100kW per unit.

Solar power plants  

In solar power plants, which use movable mirrors to create a CSP (Concentrated Solar Power System), the GS2 sensor can be implemented. This sensor detects the position and angle of each mirror segment and can regulate them as well.