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RX-LS200 photoelectric sensor

  • RX-LS200 photoelectric sensor

Diffuse sensors with triangulation

RX-LS200 sensors utilize the triangulation principle. In addition to background suppression, at constant detection distances, RX-LS200 sensors detect the sensed object precisely, regardless of object colour. There is virtually no detection degradation, even if the lens becomes dusty or dirty. With a typical response time of 1ms, the RX-LS200 is an ideal sensor for use in high-speed automatic production equipment. The robust zinc die-cast case is sealed according to IP67.


  • Triangulation detection principle
  • Response time typically 1ms
  • Compact design with integrated amplifier
  • Colour-independent object detection
  • Background suppression
  • Slit mask and mounting accessoires
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio


NPN output RX-LS200
PNP output RX-LS200-P
Sensor type Diffuse
Rated sensing distance 200mm
Sensing range 50 - 200mm
detectable object
White drawing paper
50 x 50mm
Detectable target Transparent and opaque material
Hysteresis < 10% of measurement range
Response time Max. 1ms
Output relay --
Output transistor Max. 100mA
Emitting diode Infrared LED
Rated current consumption without load Max. 40mA
Housing material Zinc die cast
Protection IP67
Physical size (HxWxL) 35 x 14 x 35mm
Connection method Cable, 3m
Operating voltage 12 - 24V DC (± 10%)
Usable ambient temp. -25°C to +60°C
Weight (approx.) 85g

RX-LS200 typical applications

Product Feature

Object detection

Product Feature


Product Feature

Object detection

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