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Safety sensors

SF2B safety light curtain  

  • Type 2 safety light curtains 
  • Hand and arm protection 
  • Serial connection
  • Sensing range 13m

SF2C safety light curtain  

  • Type 2 safety light curtains
  • Hand protection
  • Sensing range up to 3 m
SF4D safety light curtain

SF4D safety light curtain  

  • Type 4 with very robust aluminum housing
  • Extreme long sensing range up to 15m
  • Status and stability indicators
  • NPN and PNP in one model

SF4B safety light curtain  

  • Safety light curtains, type 4
  • Beam pitch of 10, 20 and 40mm
  • Muting and blanking function

SF4B-C safety light curtain  

  • Safety light curtains, type 4
  • Hand and arm protection
  • Sensing range of up to 7m

SF4C safety light curtain  

  • Type 4 ultra-slim safety light curtain
  • Safety input function, e.g. for safety door switch, emergency stop switch – additional safety relay not necessary
  • Beam pitch of 10 and 20mm
  • Integrated multipurpose LEDs
  • Muting and blanking function

ST4 safety light sensor  

  • Category 4 safety beam sensor
  • Compact body
  • Long sensing range
  • Series connection of 6 sets of sensor heads to 1 controller
  • Three muting function patterns

SD3 safety laser scanner  

  • 2-dimensional area scanner
  • Freely adjustable warning and protection zones
  • Type 3
  • Configuration plug

SQ4 leak sensor  

  • Safety liquid leak sensor, type 4 (with controller)
  • Can be used with diverse liquids
  • Up to 4 sensors can be connected to 1 controller

SG safety switches  

  • Guard lock safety door switch (slim type)
  • Safety door Switch
  • Key lock door switch
  • Key select switch
  • Emergency switch
  • Enable grip switch

SF-C safety control unit  

  • Safety control unit
  • Easy creation of safety circuits
  • Quick connection
  • PC connection via USB