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Software tool GTWIN for screen creation on GT touch terminals

  • Software tool GTWIN for screen creation on GT touch terminals


GTWIN is a screen creation software designed for the GT series. Using GTWIN you can design screens and download them to a GT touch panel, upload data from a GT panel or print. You can compose messages or graphics. GTWIN comes with a host of pre-defined parts that make it easy for you to design screens quickly and easily, e.g. switches, lamps, clocks, keyboards, etc. Just drag and drop them onto your screen.

Multilingual menu and dialogs

The graphical user interface is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese and simplified Chinese.


You can easily create screens by just dragging parts from the library and dropping them anywhere. Or design your own custom parts!
3D buttons with improved visibility and operability allow you to create amazingly realistic displays.

Automatic firmware update

Before transferring screen data, select “Automatic firmware update” for GTWIN to transfer the latest firmware version to the touch panel.

User-friendly parts libraries

Numerous user-friendly parts libraries are available and can be accessed readily.

Save base screen images as bitmaps

With a simple menu commad, you can save base screen images as bitmaps. This is convenient when preparing equipment operation manuals, for example.

Ordering information

Screen creation software GTWIN
Part number: AIGT8001V2

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