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SD3 safety laser scanner

  • SD3 safety laser scanner

Guard large danger zones cost-effectively

The Panasonic SD3 safety laser scanner is a cost-effective alternative for guarding danger zones. It can be used flexibly in confined spaces and for areas where the danger zone changes.

The SD3 can monitor an area within an angle of up to 190°, and divides it into 2 zones:

  • a warning zone within a radius of 15m, and
  • a protection zone within a radius of 4m.

The contours of these zones can be configured precisely for any application. Up to eight zone patterns can be set and activated at any given time, even during operation.

The reference boundary function memorizes the position of stationary objects and establishes a virtual boundary. It also monitors beam alignment after installation and issues an alarm if the beam becomes misaligned.


  • Warning zone, max. radius 15m
  • Protection zone, max. radius 4m
  • Adjustment of response times enables interference prevention
  • Up to 8 freely switchable zone patterns
  • Smallest size in his class: W140 × H195 × D135mm


  • Configuration plug (optional), handy for storing, recovering and transferring settings
  • PC connection cable
  • Mounting bracket
  • Operation check tool to simulate the digital inputs and monitor the SD3 outputs
  • Cleaning set

Operating principle

A pulsed laser beam (3) is discharged from the emitting element (T) to the reflectors (1) and onto a rotating mirror. The rotating mirror (2) scans the laser as it rotates. The diffuse reflection (4) from the sensing object is then returned to the receiving element (R) by means of the rotating mirror. The location of the sensing object (SO) is measured based on the travel time of the laser and the angular information of the rotating mirror. The monitoring area (max. 190°) is divided into 528 segments of 0.36° each by the rotating mirror. An additional sensor (5) detects dirt on the lens’ surface to guarantee functionality.


Type Safety laser scanner
Model no. SD3-A1
MTTFd 100 years
Applicable standards IEC 61496 1/2 (Type 3), EN ISO 13849 (PLd), IEC 61508 (SIL 2)
PFHd 1,5X10-7 1/h
Protection zone Min. sensing object setting ø150mm ø70mm ø50mm ø40mm
Sensing range (radius) 0 to 4.0m 0 to 4.0m 0 to 2.8m 0 to 2.2m
Warning zone Min. sensing object setting ø150mm (fixed)
Sensing range (radius) 0 to 15m
Scanning angle 190° / 180° (by setting)
Number of zone settings Max. 7 + 1 (without protection zone)
Min. zone setting range 200mm
Supply voltage

24V DC + 20-30%

Current consumption 300mA approx. (excluding external connection load)
Control outputs
(OSSD 1, OSSD 2)

PNP open-collector transistor 2 outputs
Rated operating voltage: supply voltage (UB) -3.2V
Max. source current: 250mA
Residual voltage: 3.2V or less

Laser protection class Class 1 (IEC 60825)
Degree of protection IP65
Ambient temperature 0 to +50°C, Storage: -20 to + 60°C
Material Main body: Die-cast aluminum, Scanner window: Thermoplastic resin
Accessories SD3-PS (exclusive 15-pin connector): 1 pc.,
SD3-RS232 (exclusive 9-pin connector): 1 pc.,
Mounting screws M5 (length 20 mm) hexagon-socket-head bolt: 2 pcs.,
Mounting screws M5 (length 16mm) hexagon-socket-head bolt: 2 pcs., attached to SD3-PS: 1 set,
Simplified instruction manual: 1 copy, Installation CD-ROM (includes detailed instruction manual data): 1 CD
Weight Net weight: 2.1kg approx., Gross weight: 2.9kg approx

Typical applications

Product Feature

Detecting presence in a defined field

Product Feature

Confirming safety around automatically guided vehicles

Product Feature

Detecting entry into robot working areas

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