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Sensor products  

Here you can find more than 2500 products, including:

  • Ultra miniature photoelectric sensors as small as 14 x 8 x 3mm
  • Trigonometric sensors, which can detect objects independent of color and surface
  • Fiber sensors, where Panasonic offers a huge range of 150 different fibers
  • Analog laser sensors with an accuracy as low as 0.01µm
  • Safety sensors and safety light curtains
  • Inductive, flow, and press sensors round off Panasonic’s sensor portfolio.


In industrial assembly processes, customized products can reduce production costs, avoid errors and improve the quality of the final product. Based on the customer’s needs, sensors and also other automation products can be modified to fulfil specific requirements. Customization services include:

  • Cables shorten and connector mounting
  • Product pre-settings and pre-assembling
  • Multiple packing, labeling, complementary fixing material

Sensor applications  

Here you can:

  • Find the optimal sensor with the help of application examples or industry-specific solutions.
  • Limit the range of possible applications with the help of key words.
  • Access a detailed description of the individual solutions.