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SG safety switches

  • SG safety switches

SG safety devices

To complete the large range of safety-related solutions such as safety light curtains, Panasonic also offers a large selection of safety devices: switches for safety fence doors, key select switches, emergency switches, enable grip switches. In addition, there are two safety control units available, one for general purposes and one to control safety light curtains.


Specifications for the safety door switches

The SG-B1 series and the SG-A1 series are among the world’s thinnest safety door switches. The SG-B1 series features a solenoid interlock and five built-in contacts. The SG-A1 series safety door switch comes with three built-in contacts.


Specifications for the ultra-slim safety door switch SG-A1

Product No. Contact configuration Cable length
  Door monitor  
SG-A1-02-1 2 NC 1m
SG-A1-02-5   5m
SG-A1-12-1 2 NC+1 NO 1m
SG-A1-12-5   5m
SG-A1-03-1 3 NC 1m
SG-A1-03-5   5m


Applications SG-A1

Product Feature
Mounting on hinged doors (top mounting)
Product Feature
Mounting on hinged doors (side mounting)

Specifications for the ultra-slim safety door switch with solenoid interlock SG-B1

Product No. Lock type Contact configuration Cable length
Main Door monitor Lock monitor
SG-B1-SA-G1 Spring lock 1 NC+1 NC 2 NC 1 NC 1m
SG-B1-SA-G5 5m
SG-B1-SB-G1 1 NO 1m
SG-B1-SB-G5 5m
SG-B1-MA-G1 Magnet lock 1 NC 1m
SG-B1-MA-G5 5m
SG-B1-MB-G1 1 NO 1m
SG-B1-MB-G5 5m


Specifications actuators for SG-A1 / SG-B1

Product No. Type
SG-K11 Straight type
SG-K12 Right-angle actuator
SG-K12A Right-angle actuator (with plate)
SG-K13 Horizontal/vertical angle adjustable actuators (adjustment angle 0 to +20°)
SG-K14 Horizontal/vertical angle adjustable actuators (adjustment angle 0 to -20°)


Applications SG-B1

Product Feature
Easy-to-see LED operation indicator (the indicator is visible even from an angle)
Product Feature
Easy-to-see LED operation indicator (wide viewing angle, approx. 120°)

Specifications for the key-based switches

These products feature key-based operation for worker protection in larger areas that could be hazardous. The SG-B2 series safety door switch and the SG-D1 series key selector switch can be used in tandem to add multiple layers of protection.

  • One key operates both series
  • Prevents workers from getting trapped

Specifications for the key lock door switch SG-B2

Model No Contact configuration Cable length Unblocking button
at the rear
Key removal position
Door Lock
SG-B2-K2AC-5 1 NC+
1 NO
1 NC+
1 NO
5m without All positions
SG-B2-K2BC-5 UNLOCK position
SG-B2-K2CC-5 LOCK position
SG-B2-K2AD-5 2 NC 2 NC All positions
SG-B2-K2BD-5 UNLOCK position
SG-B2-K2DC-5 LOCK position
SG-B2-K2AD-L5 with All positions
SG-B2-K2BD-L5 UNLOCK position
SG-B2-K2CD-L5 LOCK position


Applications SG-B2

Product Feature

Safety door switch with key

Specifications for the actuators for SG-B2

Model No Description
SG-K21 Straight type
SG-K21A Straight type with rubber bushings
SG-K21S Slide actuator
SG-K22 Right-angle actuator
SG-K22A Right-angle actuator with rubber bushings
SG-K24 Horizontal/vertical angle adjustable actuators


Specifications for accessories for SG-B2

Product No. Description
SG-PH2 Padlock hasp (lockout/tagout)
MS-SG-21 Mounting plate (For aluminum frame)
MS-SG-22 Rear unblocking button kit for a frame (for Ø 40)
MS-SG-23 Rear unblocking button kit for a frame (for Ø 30)


Specifications for the key selector switch SG-D1

Model No. Contact configuration Key removal position
SG-D1-2A11 1 NO/1 NC A: All positions
SG-D1-2A22 2 NO/2 NC
SG-D1-2B11 1 NO/1 NC B: Left position (Not removal at right position)
SG-D1-2B22 2 NO/2 NC
SG-D1-2C11 1 NO/1 NC C:Right position (Not removal at left position)
SG-D1-2C22 2 NO/2 NC


Applications SG-D1

Product Feature
Key selector switch with direct open operation function

Specifications for the emergency stop switch SG-E1

The SG-E1 series is an emergency stop (E-Stop) switch with push-to-lock and turn-to-reset functionality. For use as an emergency shutoff for the semiconductor industry, models are adhering to SEMI standards (EMO) are also available.

  • Push to lock, turn to reset
  • Compatible with Section 12.1 of the SEMI Standards (S2 0706)
Contact configuration Button color Product No.
2 NC RED SG-E1-02
1 NO/2 NC RED SG-E1-12


Applications SG-E1

Product Feature

Push to lock

Product Feature

Turn to reset

Specifications for the EMO switch

Product No. Contact configuration Button color / text color
  Main Monitor
SG-E1-02-E 2 NC --- RED/WHITE


Specifications for the accessories for emergency stop and EMO switch SG-E1

Product No. Type Text
SG-EP1 Emergency stop nameplate No text printed
SG-ET1 Locking ring wrench (for SG-D1 and SG-E1)  


Specifications for the enable grip switch SG-C1

The SG-C1 series is a grip switch which allows operators who are currently in a hazardous area to operate machines safely. With three grip positions and multiple operating patterns, the SG-C1 series can be used in many different applications.

  • Solid tactile feedback
  • Three switch positions
  • Multiple operating Patterns
Contact configuration
Grip switch 2 NO
Push monitor switch 1 NC
Terminal Solder terminal
Additional control units
Product No. Control unit (A) Control unit (B) Indicator (Green, C) Emergency stop switch (E)
SG-C1-21 without
SG-C1-21-E without without 2 NC
SG-C1-21-EG without with 2 NC
SG-C1-21-MM Momentary pushbutton Momentary pushbutton without without
switch 2C switch 2C
SG-C1-21-EMM Momentary pushbutton Momentary pushbutton without 2 NC
switch 2C switch 2C
SG-C1-21-EMK Momentary pushbutton Key selector without 2 NC
switch 2C switch 2C


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