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Snap-action switches

Turquoise switch series ASQ  (PDF)

The turquoise stroke switch ASQ is based on a completely new type of contact system. By using sliding contacts, an extremely high overtravel of 2.5mm is achieved at optimum contact force, which greatly simplifies the installation and adjustment of the turquoise stroke switch. Furthermore, the ASQ turquoise stroke switch is bounce-free and hysteresis-free. Thanks to its IP6K7 protection class, it is ideally suited for a great variety of industrial and automotive applications.

ASQ Mini - NEW - smallest size in IP67!  (PDF)

The design of the ASQ mini is based on the very popular ASQ switch, which has been sold more than 100 million times. With its sliding contact and the compact structure, the ASQ Mini is the optimal solution for tactile detection tasks in environments where space is limited and conditions are rough. Despite its relatively small size of 8x8mm and a depth of only 5mm, the switch has an overtravel of up to 2.2mm. This way, the ASQ Mini offers a high tolerance for construction and during the design-in phase.

Turquoise switch series ABJ  (PDF)

The ABJ series ultra-miniature sealed switches offer an IP67 degree of protection and are available in many variations to suit your application's needs.

Turquoise switch series ABS  (PDF)

The ABS series sub-miniature sealed switches are highly resistant to severe enviromental conditions. Various contact materials allow load ranges from 1mA to 2A.

Turquoise switch series ABV  (PDF)

The ABV series are miniature switches that combine the technical features of ABJ and ABS to switch loads of 1mA to 5A under severe environmental conditions.

Low level switch AEQ  (PDF)

The AEQ series can switch low level loads remarkably efficiently: from 0.1mA/3VDC to 100mA/30VDC. Sliding contacts ensure bounceless operation free of hysteresis. Over travel of 2.2mm on the NO side and 2.5mm on the NC side makes the switch attractive for a wide variety of applications and allows for a high degree of tolerance during the design phase.

Ultraminiature switch series AH1  (PDF)

Ultra-miniature type available in over 100 variations whose integrally molded terminal block prevents soldering flux from entering the housing.

Ultraminiature switch series AV4  (PDF)

One of the world's smallest snap action switches for switching loads of up to 500mA with superior reliability.

Sub-miniature switch series AV3/AVM3  (PDF)

These sub-miniature switches provide highly precise operation. In addition to a choice among several different actuators, spring forces and contact materials, Panasonic offers various terminals. For high contact loads (10.1A), we recommend the P Series.

Sub-miniature switch series AV6  (PDF)

The AV6 series are sub-miniature snap action switches with an integrated connector terminal for simple assembly in a wide range of applications.

Detection switch series AHF2  (PDF)

A vibration switch based on a photo sensor and designed for diverse applications where exteme reliability is required.


Interlock switch series AGX  (PDF)

Safety interlock switch with double contact interruption and wide contact gap of >4mm. Conforms to IEC950.

Interlock switch series AV1  (PDF)

Safety interlock switch with several contact arrangements: 1 Form A, 1 Form B, 1 Form A 1 Form B, 2 Form A, and 3 Form A.