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Solar tracking systems

Tracking algorithm  

An astronomical calculation of the sun's position enables solar tracking. The algorithm uses a time stamp of a GPS receiver to synchronize the time.

Position control  

The actual alignment of the solar panels is checked by an encoder. For safe, reliable operation, Panasonic limit switches are used as safety devices.

Analysis and remote control, alarms  

Remote monitoring and maintenance can be realized via the mobile data service GPRS, a network, e.g. Ethernet, wireless network or via the KR20 Wireless Unit.

Coping with inclement weather  

To ensure that the solar tracker is not damaged by inclement weather, special control functions are implemented. These include, among others, a snow shedding function and a safety function for strong winds.


With the compact, PLC-controlled inverters, various movement patterns for the solar trackers are possible: they can move fast to a safe position in case of danger, or slowly for continuous tracking.