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Time Switches

TB5 - analog time switches  (PDF)

  • DIN rail mount, DIN module size
  • 4 types available: 
    - Daily or weekly with quartz motor
    - Daily or weekly with AC synchronous motor
  • Backup battery in case of power failure
  • Operation mode: ON - AUTO - OFF
  • Setting:
    - Minimum 15 min. (daily type)
    - Minimum 2 hours (weekly type)
  • Number of operation: 96 / day; 84 / week
  • Switching capacity: 250V AC, 16A (resistive load)
  • Terminal: screw type
  • Protection class II as per EN60335-1 if installed as directed

TB62 - digital time switches  (PDF)

  • Standard housing 35 x 90 x 61mm in line with DIN 43880 - 2 TE
  • Two models: 1-circuit and 2-circuit types
  • Weekly programming
  • Switching function: ON - AUTO - OFF
  • Automatic changeover standard time/daylight saving time for Europe, UK and the USA
  • Holiday mode
  • 50 programs
  • Minimum switching interval: 1 minute
  • Manual override key ON/OFF on the front
  • Manual operation can be locked out
  • Cover can be swung open
  • Cover can be secured
  • Output: Relay 1c, 250V AC, 16A
  • Mounting method: Wall mounting, DIN rail