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Trade Fairs

10.-11.04.19 Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo Manchester, UK
10.-12.04.19 Battery Experts Forum Frankfurt, Germany
08.-14.04.19 Bauma Munich, Germany
16.-18.04.19 EXPO Electronica Moscow, Russia
07.-09.05.19 PCIM Nürnberg, Germany
07.-09.05.19 The Battery Show Stuttgart, Germany
07.-09.05.19 SMT Hybrid Packing Nürnberg, Germany
13.-16.05.19 E&A Utrecht, Netherlands
14.-16.05.19 Electronics & Applications 2019 Utrecht, Netherlands
15.-17.05.19 Intersolar Munic, Germany
15.-18.05.19 Lamiera Milano, Italy
21.05.19 SMT Smart Solutions Seminar x 3 Ottobrunn, Germany
22.-23.05.19 EEHE Bad Nauheim, Germany
23.-24.05.19 EUROPE Solar + Energy Storage 2019 Rome, Italy
28.-30.05.19 SPS IPC Drives Italia Parma, Italy
01.-02.06.19 ME Tech-Day 2/2 Munich, Germany
04.06.2019 ZVEI Tagung Ottobrunn, Germany
05.-06.06.19 AAA (all about automation) Essen, Germany
06.06.19 Training for Panasonic Solar Premium Installers Den Bosch, Netherlands
04.-07.06.19 ITM Mach Tool 2019 Poznan, Poland
12.-13.06.19 Vision, Motion & Robotics Veldhoven, Netherlands
26.-27.06.19 SMT Tech-Day 2/4 Ottobrunn, Germany
24.-27.06.19 Laser World of Photonics Munich, Germany
04.-05.09.19 Cenex LCV (Low Carbon Vehicle) Millbrook/Bedfordshire, UK
11.-12.09.19 AAA (all about automation) Leipzig, Germany
18.-19.09.19 SMT Tech-Day 3/4 Ottobrunn, Germany
18.-19.09.19 What’s New in Electronics Live 2019 NAEC Stoneleigh, UK
26.09.19 North East Automotive Expo Sunderland, UK
07.-10.10.19 Motek Stuttgart, Germany
09.-10.10.19 Smart Buildings Show Olympia/London, UK
12.10.19 Lambrechts beurs Genk, Belgium
16.-17.10.19 Electronic Design Show Coventry, UK
19.-22.10.19 International Industrial Forum Kiev, Ukraine
16.-23.10.19 K Messe Düsseldorf, Germany
05.-08.11.19 Schweisstec Stuttgart, Germany
12.-14.11.19 European Utility Week Paris, France
13.-14.11.19 Luxlive ExCel, London
12.-15.11.19 Semicon Munich, Germany
12.-15.11.19 Productronica Munich, Germany
10.-16.11.19 Agritechnica Hannover, Germany
26.-28.11.19 SPS Nuremberg, Germany
27.-28.11.19 London Build 2019 London, UK
27.-28.11.19 MetalMadrid Madrid, Spain
11.-12.12.19 SMT Tech-Day 4/4 Ottobrunn, Germany
11.-12.12.19 Energaia Montpellier, France