Elektromechanical relais

Signal Relays (2A or less)  

These mechanical relays with less than 2A nominal switching capacity are ideal for signal control.

Power Relays (Over 2A)  

These mechanical relays with more than 2A nominal switching capacity are ideal for power supply applications.

Microwave Devices (High-Frequency Relays & Coaxial Switches)  

Microwave devices are divided into relays and coaxial switches that are ideally suited for switching high frequencies.

Automotive relays  

The large automotive relay product portfolio is perfectly suited for the ever increasing need for versatility and innovation in car electronics and for almost all applications:

  • Single or twin type PCB relays for THT, Pin-in-Paste or SMT mounting
  • Mini ISO and micro ISO relays for plug-in mounting
  • High current relays, latching types available
  • EV relays for carrying high currents and for cutting off high DC loads

Safety relays  

Panasonic relays with forcibly guided contacts according to EN50205 are used for safety automation devices, elevators and railway technology. A special design of the actuator combines the contacts in such a way that malfunctioning, like contact welding, can be monitored. This is used to stop automatic actions and to protect humans from injury or to prevent damage to machinery.