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P4SP series high-current connector with a current rating up to 5A

P4SP series high-current connector with a current rating up to 5A

Panasonic's high-current 0.4mm pitch Board-to-Board / Board-to-FPC connector realizes the industry's highest level of current rating of up to 5A for power supply applications. This makes it possible to reduce the number of terminals required for power supply and to save space on the circuit board, which in turn means that equipment can become more compact in size.

There is a recent trend in electronics towards high functionality, compact and lightweight design, and quick charging. Industrial and consumer equipment require a high-current rating of the connectors used to connect the power supply board to the control board. Panasonic's proprietary material-processing technology has enabled the commercialization of narrow-pitch connectors which meet the high demands of the industry's power supply applications. Power lines can be freely designed and designs with multiple power lines are possible.



  • Rated current:
    • For power: Max. 1.0A/terminal
    • For signal: Max. 0.5A/terminal
    • Total: Max. 12A for all terminals
  • Any terminal can be used as a power terminal
  • Low contact resistance of max. 40mΩ
  • High-quality analog signal transmission
  • High-speed transmission up to 10Gbit/s
  • Available with 10 to 100 pins



  • Notebook PCs – Digital still cameras (DSC)
  • POS terminals
  • Hand-held terminals
  • Drones
  • Compact robots
  • Head-mounted displays (HMD)