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The FP-PS24 high-end power supply units - also for arduous application conditions

With excellent design parameters such as power density, operation at high temperatures, efficiency, lifetime, etc., the FP-PS24 high-end power supply units are setting new standards and can also be used under severe ambient conditions found in industrial automation, lighting engineering and medical technology, for example. Even under harsh conditions, reliable operation is certain thanks to fanless convection cooling. The power supply units can also be mounted upside down if necessary. The FP-PS24-060E boasts an efficiency of 91.5% at an ambient temperature of -10°C to +70°C with no reduction in performance.

The FP-PS24 power supply units come in three variations:

  • 24W/1A (primary 100-240VAC, 2 x secondary 24VDC/1A)
  • 60W/2.5 A (primary 100-240VAC, 2 x secondary 24VDC/2.5 A)
  • 120W/5A (primary 100-240VAC, 2 x secondary 24VDC/5A)

All units are of course short-circuit protected.

Other noteworthy features of the FP-PS24 series include:

  • Safety Standards Approved (IEC60950, UL60950,CSA22.2-60950, EN60950) tested by CSA 
  • Protection class II, without grounding
  • Compact size with optimal cooling
  • Easy DIN-rail mounting and wiring

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