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Quality assurance  

Superior product quality remains our top priority. Once the quality level has been defined, our quality management system ensures that is maintained. Strict quality checks are performed repeatedly to guarantee that each product functions fully under a broad range of environmental conditions. Our products are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949.

Cost-oriented manufacturing and cooperation with qualified suppliers allow us to consistently offer quality products that are tailored to customer requirements at competitive prices.


PIMITES, or Precision Integrated Micro Technologies & Systems, make possible the micro-miniaturization of devices that feature high speed and high density. PIMITES encompasses the following technologies:

  • MEMS technology: Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems, a semiconductor fabrication technology
  • MIPTEC technology: Microscopic Integrated Processing TEChnology, Panasonic’s preferred term for MID technology (Molded Interconnected Device)
  • n (nano) technology: fabrication, modification and analysis technology at the nm level

Research and application technology  

Our research teams use a global network of Panasonic research centers and premier research institutions to explore and forge new technologies. Necessarily, the equipment employed by our research centers is state-of-the-art. Our goal is to expand our core competencies and develop the best possible products for our customers’ future applications. Especially in the field of applications technology, our customers play a key role during development.

Production technology  

The Panasonic Group is a global force. With our “local” facilities and branches around the world, manufacturing know-how gained from decades of experience and a team of premium process engineers, you can depend on excellent products and outstanding customer support.